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Ploytec PL2

Superbooth19 – Ploytec present prototype of PL2 Logos Synthesizer

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Gesprächskonzert, Saturday, May, 11th 2019, 3 PM at FEZ Auditorium Berlin

Ploytec GmbH/ Germany (May, 2nd 2019) (ictw) – Ploytec, the southern German audio specialists demonstrate a newly developed version of the PL2 MIDI synthesizer. Their existing emulation of the General Instruments SP0256-AL2 speech synthesizer chip from the eighties is extended by a replica of the historical CTS256-AL2 companion chip. The CTS256-AL2 chip automatically translates English text to the allophones needed for robot speech. On Saturday 3 PM, there’ll be a 20-minute presentation at the Supertooth auditorium.

Further Information on the product page: https://www.ploytec.com/pl2/
A video you can find at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=usr3moYxklQ
Follow Ploytec on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PLsquared

About Ploytec GmbH

Markus Medau, a developer and keyboardist with the Berlin band Edit_H, born in 1972, joined forces in 1999 with Werner Wirsum, an information scientist born in 1968, to develop USB ASIO drivers. It all began with Cubase, a computer, and the lack of audio input. Reputable manufacturers soon secured licenses (Apogee, SoundDevices, TerraTec, and Yamaha, later followed by Access, Alesis, Lexicon, Numark, Steinberg, Tascam, and others). Kicking off their hardware business in early 2004 with the founding of Ploytec GmbH, the entrepreneurs are now busy developing USB3.0 audio hardware and software.

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