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Ploytec BOOM KICK – The Stomp Box that keeps stomping

Ploytec BOOM KICK – The Stomp Box that keeps stomping

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Automatic Stomp Box – Bass Drum Synthesizer

Ploytec GmbH/ ism/ Germany (Oct, 10th, 2022) (ictw) – Ploytec, the South German audio specialists and DobBroMan, singer- / songwriter and blues artist from Berlin, co-developed BOOM KICK, an automatic stomp box. Once started, BOOM KICK will keep stomping and your feet will thank you for that.

Beyond tap tempo, it allows to sync to what else might be going on – In case there are more than one person on stage, and some MIDI gear is also active. Also, it is possible to fine-adjust the tempo while it’s running. Boom Kick notices if the player is slightly ahead or behind quarter notes and gets its Bass Drum back on the beat. It does so by smoothly accelerating or slowing down for a moment in order to get in sync.

Ploytec BOOM KICK - Automatic Stomp Box

The three preset sounds can be edited on the unit with seven parameters, offering seven values each, up to 823,543 possible sound combinations. There are a number of different play modes available, a headphone output (not affected by the “mute” function), and the MIDI clock output to sync advanced loopers or drum computers simultaneously

BOOM KICK is powered via a 9V, 300mA (or more) typical guitar pedal power supply (not included) and is available now for an introductory price of EUR 349,- (later EUR 399,-) from the Ploytech Website.

Ploytec – BoomKick

Video by Sonicstate

Find out more on the Product page: https://www.ploytec.com/boomkick

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