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Pigtronix Power unleashed at NAMM 2016

Pigtronix Power unleashed at NAMM 2016

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January 20, 2016 (Port Jefferson Station, NY) – Pigtronix announces the release of its long-awaited, multi-voltage power supply, simply named Pigtronix Power. This robust and flexible unit is designed to provide a quiet, stable power hub for guitar effects pedals. Each outlet is isolated from the others, preventing crosstalk or unwanted noise.

Pigtronix Power is equipped to meet the DC requirements of the most demanding pedal board setups, with 8 individually isolated outputs. Two 9V @ 100mA outlets are intended for standard 9V-powered guitar pedals. Four independently switchable (9V, 12V, 15V, 18V) multi-voltage outlets provide the flexibility to run virtually any DC powered stompbox. Two of these switchable outlets are rated at 100mA, while the other two can provide up to 300mA of current each. An additional pair of 18V @ 300mA outlets are specifically intended for Pigtronix digital / analog hybrid pedals such as the Infinity Looper and Echolution 2 which have high current draw and require individually isolated power. All four of the high-current (300mA) outlets can be used with the included daisy chain connectors to power five or more analog Pigtronix pedals from a single outlet.

International standard IEC power input is switchable between 115V and 230V for use anywhere in the world. An IEC power cable is included along with a comprehensive set of industry standard 2.1 mm power cables, and a pair of 5-pin daisy chain harnesses for convenient pedal board hookup. The cables provided with the Pigtronix Power support the industry standard negative-tip (-) polarity.

Pigtronix Power will retail for $299 USD and will be available as of March, 2016.

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