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Peavey Opens Multifunctional Showroom in Bali

Peavey Opens Multifunctional Showroom in Bali

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Peavey Electronics® Opens Multifunctional Showroom in Bali, Setting the Stage for Increased Market Share

BALI, Indonesia — Peavey Electronics® announces the opening of its state-of-the-art showroom in Bali, Indonesia. Peavey unveiled the new showroom with an opening gala in May, marking a turning point in Peavey’s presence in Indonesia and its commitment to delivering exceptional sound solutions across diverse industries. The Bali showroom’s success sets the stage for a future of innovative audio experiences, while solidifying Peavey’s position as a pioneer in the industry.

The decision to establish the Bali showroom stemmed on the back of the intention to establish a venue for the Indonesian and broader APAC market to enjoy first-hand experiences of the broad diversity of Peavey Corporation’s sophisticated audio solutions spanning multiple applications. In addition to featuring the installed sound and professional audio solutions as well as the musical instruments and accessories bearing the legendary Peavey™ name, the venue also highlights the proprietary high technology distributed AV solutions under Peavey’s Mediamatrix® brand as well as the premium professional audio solutions for touring, entertainment, and recreation under Peavey’s Crest Audio® brand. Acknowledging the untapped potential of their extensive yet seamless and integrative product range, Peavey decided to introduce the APAC market to the true capabilities of their product offering. With this goal in mind, the Peavey showroom was designed as a multi-functional space catering to a range of needs. Bali was chosen as the appropriate destination for the showroom on account of ease of travel for APAC residents in and out of Bali, as well as its fitting description as a paradise destination with a myriad of entertainment, food and beverage, and leisure options.

The showroom serves as a demo arena, showcasing the latest installed sound products from Peavey and Crest Audio, including SSE™; Impulse®, RBN™, SP™ and PVX™ 2-way speakers; PHR™ II ceiling speakers; and IPR™ and CS® series power amps, all expertly controlled by the VSX™ loudspeaker management system and an Aureus™ digital mixer. Additionally, the Crest Audio wall presents the new CPL™+ Series of speakers, along with Pro-LITE™, CPX™, and CLh™ amps for the CPL T Series ceiling speakers giving potential and existing clients the opportunity to hear the Peavey difference for themselves and allowing them to identify the product mix most fitting to their needs.

Furthermore, the showroom acts as a seminar venue, facilitating educational and training sessions for APAC distributors, Indonesian dealers, rental companies, installers, and sound professionals. Various stakeholders can gather to share information, foster collaborations, and create demand.

The space can also function as a content creation studio for high-quality product marketing videos and artist shoots. The showroom also houses a mini stage/studio where musicians can record live performances, capturing their talent with WAVES® eMotion™ LV1 and Crest Audio Tactus™.Control as well as perform and experience the incredible Versarray™ line array system.

The Bali showroom opening included a distinguished guest list, including several key members from the public and private sector. A special mention and thank you to Mr. Tantowi Yahya, former Indonesian Ambassador to New Zealand and a former musician himself, Mr. Made Ariandi of the Bali Chamber of Commerce, and to Mr. Wayan Koster, the Governor of Bali.

Several renowned musicians and artists added to the event’s star-studded lineup. The evening began with an electrifying performance by up-and-coming Peavey artists Mad Madmen. Canadian singer Deniz Reno highlighted the versatility and clarity of the Crest Audio Versarray™ line array speaker systems with a captivating vocal demonstration. Ridho Hafiedz, lead guitarist of Slank, delivered an impactful speech, underscoring the profound impact Peavey will have on the music industry in Indonesia. Akshay Vaidya, Peavey Electronics General Manager – Asia Pacific, also took the stage to conduct a comprehensive loudspeaker demo, captivating the audience with remarkable sound quality. The evening reached its climax with a thrilling performance by legendary Indonesian rock band Cokelat.

Overall, Peavey’s grand opening in Bali marks a significant milestone in the brand’s journey to re-establish its presence in the Asian market. By highlighting its extensive product range, educating customers, and fostering collaborations with industry professionals, Peavey aims to reinvigorate its status in Asia as one of the world’s leading brands for sound and music.

Learn more about Peavey’s pro-audio solutions at www.peavey.com.

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