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PatternBased and EarthQuaker Devices Present OnomatoPedal

PatternBased and EarthQuaker Devices Present OnomatoPedal

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AKRON, OHIO, June 2020 – PatternBased in association with EarthQuaker Devices has released OnomatoPedal, a cross-cultural family-friendly web-based interactive audio playground, full length album and open-source set of free music and sounds based on Japanese onomatopoetic words and the effects pedals of EarthQuaker Devices. OnomatoPedal is located online at OnomatoPedal.com and is available to play with now.

OnomatoPedal lets you trigger wild sounds and animations using your desktop computer or mobile device. There are 21 unique screens, each based on a pairing of Japanese onomatopoetic words and an EarthQuaker pedal. For instance, the Japanese word Uki Uki describes someone who is happy, excited, and in a buoyant mood. Uki Uki is paired with the Rainbow Machine and the playground for Uki Uki is filled with bright colors and happy sounds created with the Rainbow Machine and inspired by Uki Uki.

OnomatoPedal is a fun and family-friendly browser-based app and each of the 21 playgrounds is a unique way to explore a different Japanese onomatopoetic word. The app has been carefully created to foster a cross cultural experience. The UI can be easily switched between Japanese and English. Click the speaker icon next to the Onomatopoetic word to hear the Japanese pronunciation. You may find playing the sounds and trying the different playgrounds quite addictive.

OnomatoPedal was designed and coded by Siori Kitajima and produced by Joseph Minadeo with musical contributions from the EarthQuaker Devices team and from musicians around the world including Taka Tozawa, Low in the Sky, Billy Dixon, Gnosotros, Full Blown Kirk, Corey Haren, Jamie Stillman, Joe Golden, Ralph Carney, Michael Tolan, Josh Spoon and Hainbach.

OnomatoPedal is open source. All the music and sounds are available, downloadable and free to use for all non commercial applications. A zip file containing all the sounds is downloadable from each of the 21 playgrounds. Feel free to make remixes or create something entirely new using the OnomatoPedal sounds.

OnomatoPedal URL: http://www.onomatopedal.com

About PatternBased

PatternBased is a creative team focused on music, visual art and code and has worked with an almost endless array of entities and brands the world over including Netflix, United Nations, The Gates Foundation, LucasFilm, Google and much more.


About EarthQuaker Devices

Akron, Ohio-based, hand-crafted effects pedal manufacturer EarthQuaker Devices, top-six in the U.S. and one of the top-10 in the world, create products that are available in over 865 retail locations in approximately 50 countries. Key retailers include Guitar Center, Sam Ash, Sweetwater and Thomann.

The company’s current workforce reaches over 50 individuals, and has been praised for its commitment to inclusion, diversity and cooperation with other pedal manufacturers by Best Guitar Effects.


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