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Neunaber Audio Announces New Neuron Pedal

Neunaber Audio Neuron Guitar Preamp Pedal

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Neunaber Audio Announces New Neuron Pedal

Versatile guitar preamp, speaker simulator, presets and MIDI in a small pedal format

ORANGE, CA – January 16, 2019 – (GuitarPR) – Neunaber Audio has announced the upcoming release of its new pedal, Neuron. Designed for players looking to achieve epic guitar tones with a minimum of gear, Neuron is a versatile guitar preamp with speaker simulator, compressor, noise gate, presets and MIDI in a small pedal format.

Neuron achieves a seamless array of incredible amp tones in a compact pedal — from sparkling clean to heavy distortion and everything in between. A multistage, dynamic gain architecture yields unparalleled control over the desired amount of distortion — effortlessly producing harmonic structures that range from subtle to dense and complex. One of its most salient features is its feel, which is almost hyper-realistic when compared to an amplifier.

Among Neuron’s many features are the following:

  • Integrated compressor constrains the drive level for smooth, consistent tone.
  • Adjustable studio-quality noise gate keeps your signal quiet.
  • Tilt EQ adapts your tone to various setups without changing presets.
  • Defeatable speaker simulator for running direct.
  • Three-band EQ with tightness and presence enables a plethora of tonal options.
  • Up to 6 presets can be stored for quick recall via the footswitch. Up to 24 presets can be recalled using a MIDI controller.
  • All controls are accessible using a MIDI controller.

Neunaber Audio Neuron Guitar Preamp Pedal

“Neuron is the culmination of years of research and development,” said company founder, Brian Neunaber. “We studied the gain circuits of both tube and solid state pedals and amps to learn, not only how they sound good, but why. We developed new and unique algorithms to test our findings, then refined these algorithms based on what we learned.”

Neuron is expected to ship in mid-February at an MSRP of $299.
More information is available at https://neunaber.net.

About Neunaber Audio

Neunaber Audio is a brand name of Neunaber Technology LLC, a family-run company founded in 2009 by Brian Neunaber, who has been designing audio products professionally since 1994. The company is located near the old Historic District in the city of Orange, California.

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