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Magnetic Effects Limited Editon Eye To Eye Effects Pedal

Magnetic Effects Limited Editon Eye To Eye Effects Pedal

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Magnetic Effects And The Datsuns Introduce The Limited Editon Eye To Eye Effects Pedal For Guitar

London, England – 23 July 2021 – Magnetic Effects are pleased to release the Eye To Eye. An all analog phaser pedal produced in collaboration with New Zealand band The Datsuns to celebrate the release of their new album also titled Eye To Eye.

The Eye To Eye is an analog 4 stage OTA-based phaser capable of many shades of phase including slow and swirly through to fast and intense.

The versatile control set includes a MIX control which changes the ratio of dry to wet signal. This allows the pedal to blend between dry, phased and vibrato settings. At minimum, you will hear only the dry signal. Set it to noon for equal parts dry and wet, the traditional Phaser setting, and set it to maximum for 100% wet resulting in pitch vibrato. Exploring the in-between settings reveals more shades of phase.

The SPEED control has a wide speed range which is extended further via the three way RATE toggle switch which selects the overall speed range of modulation. The middle switch position disables the LFO to enable the Eye To Eye to act as a stationary filter.

The range of frequencies the phase sweeps through is controlled by the SWEEP control.  Set low for a narrow range and a less dramatic effect, or higher for a wider range resulting in a more pronounced phaser effect.

The REGEN control produces a more mellow, sublet phase at lower settings and, at higher settings, adds a more pronounced and resonant phase effect.

A VOLUME control allows you to compensate for any perceived volume difference that can occur when using  a phaser. It also allows for a boost in output level for solos.

Great tone and features make the Eye To Eye phaser a worthwhile addition to any pedalboard.

Magnetic Effects Limited Editon Eye To Eye Effects Pedal


  • Volume, Speed, Sweep, Mix and Regen controls plus Rate toggle switch
  • Top mounted Jacks, Tap socket and DC socket
  • High input impedance and low output impedance
  • 9V DC centre negative adapter operation – True Bypass switching

Retail Price

$189 US plus shipping.

About Magnetic Effects

Magnetic Effects is a company based in London, England specialising in handmade guitar pedals with practical features for guitarists.
More information: www.magneticeffects.net

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