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Luna Guitars Tribal Tobacco Sunburst acoustic-electric bass guitar

Luna Guitars Tribal Tobacco Sunburst acoustic-electric bass guitar

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Luna Guitars Extends Summer Vibes with Acoustic Electric Bass

TAMPA, FL (Aug. 3, 2020) — Summer’s golden vibes are here to stay with Luna Guitars’ releases the Tribal Tobacco Sunburst acoustic-electric bass guitar. This gig-ready, long-scale bass offers sharp aesthetics and convenient playability features, including Luna’s preamp system with onboard tuner. Whether players are looking to add some deep bass tone to jazz or folk grooves, or simply want a solid acoustic bass to noodle around on, the Tribal Tobacco Sunburst acoustic-electric guitar is the perfect fit.

From the earliest days of establishing the “Luna Tribe,” Luna Guitars has designed instruments that captured a unique artistic vision as well as great playability. The Tribal Tobacco Sunburst A/E bass represents that vision with its unique design elements. Built on a 34’’, long-scale length, this bass offers a mahogany body and select spruce flat top for a balanced, full bass tone. The sound hole design has a distinct tribal motif above the smooth Tobacco Sunburst satin finish. Beauty meets strength with a 3-ply, black-white-black binding to top it off.

Luna Guitars keeps the electronics on the Tribal Tobacco Sunburst aesthetically discrete yet sonically powerful. The Luna SL3 pre-amp on this model helps to recreate the natural resonance of the tonal woods, delivering awesome amplified acoustic tone along with the convenience of a built-in tuner.

The Tribal Tobacco Sunburst bass offers set-neck construction with dual-action truss rod for the C-shape mahogany neck. The balsamo fingerboard (16’’ radius) is comfortable and responsive for exploring lines up and down the 22 frets stylized with pearloid triangle inlays. Balsamo is used again at the bridge to enhance the instrument’s overall acoustic resonance. At the top of the setup, the Daeil Chemical nut offers a 1 5/8’’ width that’s helpful for beginning and emerging players alike. Sealed die cast tuners on the headstock improve tuning stability, and black hardware adds a final touch of sophistication.

End-of-summer and early fall provides excellent golden hours for players to enjoy their natural surroundings and expand their acoustic repertoire. The arrival of the golden-hued Tribal Tobacco Sunburst acoustic-electric bass couldn’t be better timed or better priced at $349 street.

Learn more about the Tribal Tobacco Sunburst Long Scale Acoustic-Bass at www.lunaguitars.com/

Luna Guitars Tribal Tobacco Sunburst acoustic-electric bass guitar

About Luna Guitars

Luna Guitars manufactures instruments that are artistically designed, physically comfortable, affordably priced, and sound as good as they look. Offerings include acoustic guitars, travel guitars, children’s guitars, bass guitars, mandolins, cajons, banjos, and ukuleles. Join the Luna Tribe! Find out more at www.lunaguitars.com.

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