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Lizard Spit adds new lines to its eco-friendly and innovative popular instrument cleaning products

Lizard Spit new eco-friendly and innovative instrument cleaning products

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Lizard Spit adds new lines to its eco-friendly and innovative popular instrument cleaning products

Whether you are professional musicians on the circuit, a student or playing at home for fun, Lizard Spit have a huge range of cleaning products for a variety of instruments from acoustic, bass and electric guitars, to brass and woodwind, percussion and microphones.

New Lizard Spit lines for stringed instruments – ukuleles, mandolins, acoustic, electric and bass guitars for example include, an Ultimate Fret Polishing Kit (MP15) with 2 fretboard guards and 24 polishing pads to bring frets back to life and seal themn to stop oxidation for a longer lasting shine. The polishing pads are also offered in refill packs (MP19).

For that silky fretboard feel and with new handy travel sized bottles (MP14), Lizard Spit Fretboard Conditioner, includes an orange oil formula which has superior properties enabling gentle and safe cleaning and polishing on the most delicate fingerboards.

Dread the thought, but if your prized instrument has gained the ‘oh so often’ unavoidable grazes and nicks of every day playing, Lizard Spit’s two-part Scratch and Scruff Remover, will reduce unsightly marks (MP13B).

Whilst some cloths and dusters can cause more harm than good, the new Lizard Spit micro-fibre polishing cloths, are snag free and perfectly safe and non-scratch for the most delicate instruments surfaces.

Lizard Spit’s ‘Spit Kit’ (MP16) containing Instrument Polish, Fretboard Conditioner, Deluxe String Conditioner and Instrument Cloth, are the all-important first aid kits for musicians on the move.

Brass players will be aware that a high-quality oil is essential for smooth and fast valve response and to prevent friction and corrosion. Lizard Spit Premium Valve Oil is not only light and fast, it helps to prevent corrosion of the inner valve and is perfect for all brass instruments.

Lizard Spits Cork Grease in a lip balm-type applicator, is a high-quality lubricant to ease the assembly of brass and woodwind instruments without damaging the corks.

Regular maintenance is essential to keep your instrument clean and in the best working order within looks and playability. Choose from a host of Lizard Spit products that are eco-friendly, non-toxic, non-hazardous and biodegradable.

  • New for 2019: Lizard Spit:
  • MP15 – Fret Polishing Kit £19.99 rrp
  • MP19 – Refill System £6.99 rrp
  • MP14 – Fretboard Conditioner (Travel Size) £11.99 rrp
  • MP13B – Two-part Scratch and Scruff Remover Kit £12.99 rrp
  • MP04 – Micro-fibre, snag free polishing cloth £11.99 rrp
  • MP16 Travel Spit Kit: Polish, Fretboard Conditioner, Deluxe String Conditioner and Instrument Cloth £39.99 rrp
  • MP18 Brass/Woodwind Instrument Valve Oil £6.99 rrp
  • MP17 Cork Grease £4.99 rrp
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