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KINSMAN introduce new products specifically designed for home recording, podcasts, broadcast and studio recording

KINSMAN introduce new products designed for home recording, podcasts, broadcast and studio recording

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Kinsman Professional Lavalier Microphones

Clip-on lavalier microphones have always been beneficial within the world of TV and theatre. Now proving more popular than ever for hands-free applications with mobile phones, Kinsman have launched two new lavalier microphones, with connections for Apple and Android devices. Delivery is a crisp open natural sound suitable for professional recording, whilst the design is sleek and unobtrusive with a robust clothing clip.

An excellent choice for broadcasters and presenters, both Kinsman lavalier microphones, are also available with a single high-quality earpiece, for private listening or monitoring.


Kinsman KMUSB Plug and Play USB Professional Microphone with USB Port


High quality USB microphones are now being used in more of a professional capacity, within live recording, online interviews and podcasting.

The new Kinsman USB Plug and Play condenser microphone delivers a tight, focused sound throughout the sonic spectrum and, with its cardioid core, separates your voice from background noise, rejecting off-axis noise and ambience.

Plug and Play technology allows you to instantly connect to your system, whilst built-in echo with a separate control, adds a warm ambience from vocal enhancement, there’s also a handy headphone socket for monitoring or private listening, separate volume control and mute button.

The new Kinsman USB Plug and Play condenser microphone is perfect for podcast, online interviews, karaoke or video sound. Package contains adjustable pop/wind shield, desk top tripod stand and USB cable. Compatible with Windows and Mac with free driver.


Kinsman Professional Condenser Microphone Kit

Kinsman’s KMICKIT Professional Condenser Microphone Kit is a superb, all-in-one online streaming bundle for creators to achieve professional grade results.

With a wide frequency range and excellent transient response, this beautifully constructed microphone delivers outstanding sound quality, with a warm, delicate tone, perfect for broadcasting podcasts, recording music and ideally suited for vocals and acoustic instruments.

For noise-free recording and communicating, the cardioid condenser core isolates background noise, enabling the microphone to capture pristine, accurate sounds, whilst rejecting unwanted, off axis ambience.

The Kinsman Professional Condenser Microphone Kit also arrives with a sturdy, anti-vibration shock mount and, a durable, adjustable desk-mount anglepoise stand offering an excellent range of motion to choose the most comfortable angle. An adjustable windshield is also included to eliminate unwanted vocal popping sounds.


Kinsman Mobile Phone Stand

Constructed from high quality, robust materials, the KCS01 Kinsman mobile phone stand, is suitable for a host of applications, from watching videos hands-free, to online meetings and interviews.

An 11.5cm diameter sturdy round base, ensures a stable and vibration free performance, with a height adjustable stem between 26cm – 46cm. A fully adjustable mobile phone cradle with a 360 degree rotation, offers the all important landscape or portrait positions and everything else in between, for professional looking video interviews.


KMIC03 Kinsman Clip-On Lavalier Microphone – 3.5mm TRRS Jack £4.99 rrp

KMIC05 Kinsman Clip-On Lavalier Microphone with Earpiece – 3.5mm TRRS Jack £9.99 rrp

KMIC06 Kinsman Clip-On Lavalier Microphone – Lightning Connector £29.99 rrp

KMIC09 Kinsman Clip-On Lavalier Microphone with Earpiece – Lightning Connector £39.99 rrp

KMUSB Kinsman USB Condenser Microphone £49.99 rrp

KMICKIT Kinsman Condenser Microphone Kit £59.99 rrp

KCS01 Kinsman Telescopic Mobile Phone Stand £6.99 rrp

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