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Kinsman LED Pro Console Light

Kinsman LED Pro Console Light

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Keep your mixing console illuminated with the new Kinsman LED Pro Console Light.

With a flexible black 44cm gooseneck design and 4 LED head, the new Kinsman LED Pro Console Light delivers a powerful, dimmable 28 lumen evenly distributed output, from long lasting LEDs with an impressive 100,000 hour bulb life span.

The Kinsman LED Pro Console light is stylish, powerful and bright enough to work without causing eye strain and functions wherever a 12volt 4-pin XLR light socket is available, including mixing consoles and equipment racks.

KBL1000X – Kinsman LED Pro Console Light: £24.99 rrp.

Kinsman products are distributed worldwide exclusively by JHShttps://www.jhs.co.uk/brands/kinsman

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