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Kam add three new models to their impressive catalogue of portable lighting fixtures

Kam add three new models to their impressive catalogue of portable lighting fixtures

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Kam have added three new extremely effective models to their huge catalogue of superior lighting packages:

The Kam Moon Glow MP3, the Kam KML303 Stratosphere Ghost and the Kam MH70 LED Moving Head Light.

Like all Kam innovating lighting systems, these three new units are packed with the latest technology, whilst maintaining the company’s easy-to-operate, plug-in-and-play theme.

The Kam KML303 Stratosphere Ghost – White

The new Kam Stratosphere Ghost is a multi-beam, high-powered colour LED lighting ball, based on the classic disco mirror ball from the 70’s disco era.

A smooth, high powered precision motor rotates the sphere with 5 powerful internal 18W RGBWA+UV 6 in1 LED’s projecting super bright, intense beams in glorious red, green, blue, white, amber and ultra violet colours, through no less than 96 lenses.

Like all Kam profession lighting products, the theme is once again ‘maximum effect and ease of use’, with a clear LED display and an easy-read 4 button control panel for manual configuration of a full range of built-in automated programs. There are also commands for ball-rotation speed and direction, colours, dimming and strobing effects

The performance of the Kam Stratosphere Ghost is staggering from a lighting fixture with such a slim, portable, compact design, perfect to uplift the atmosphere of any disco, club, bar, or party, and extremely effective when used with fog or mist machines.

With master, slave, manual/ sound activation, 3-pin DMX inputs/outputs and IEC connectors for daisy-chaining to multiple Kam lighting fixtures, the Stratosphere Ghost, is the perfect modern-day solution to the iconic mirror ball.

The Kam KML201 LED compact Moving Head Light

The new Kam KML201 houses 7 x 8W quad-colour LEDs, 7 x 10w RGBW LED’s, with a luminance of 6100 lux at 1 metre (3.2′) and a beam angle of 25°.

For Kam fans who just enjoy the company’s ‘maximum effect and ease of use’ product theme, this means the new, advanced KML201 moving-head lighting fixture delivers stunning, smooth colour mixing, from rich saturated hues to subtle pastel shades.

With a neat, compact, lightweight metal design with hanging bracket included, the Kam KML201 is ideal for both fixed and mobile applications, while a built-in, low noise fan ensures stable and continuous performance, perfect for mobile entertainers, club and bar venues, live events, parties, theatres, schools and colleges.

A bright, clear 4-digit LED display offers easy configuration of Mode/Esc Up/Down and Enter controls that scroll through a variety of exciting functions including Auto/Sound to light, Dimmer, Strobe and Pan.

With DMX512 and up to 13 channels and Master-Slave, the Kam KML201 is extremely versatile and can be used in multiples to produce incredibly dynamic light shows.

The Kam KML 103 Moon Glow MP3

With built-in programs projecting stunning, atmospheric lighting effects in vivid colours, including Cobwebs, Dots and Circles, the new Kam Moon Glow MP3 is also USB and SD card compatible.

Music from external devices including Smart phones, tablets or MP3 players, can be played through a pair of internal speakers delivering crystal clear audio, along with tracks loaded on SD cards controlled with on-board Play, Pause, Fast Forward/Rewind, Volume and Skip controls or via the hand held remote.

The Kam Moon Glow MP3 is ideal as stand-alone table top feature, or permanent wall/ceiling fixture where bright, vibrant vivid colours fill the room via Auto or adjustable Sound To Light modes.

All three new and exciting Kam professional lighting fixtures feature energy conserving technology, whilst operating between AC100V and 240V, lighting up the party, stage or dance floor…anywhere in the world.

  • Kam KML 103 Moon Glow MP3.  £18.99 rrp
  • Kam KML303 Stratosphere Ghost – White. £189.00 rrp
  • The Kam KML201 LED compact Moving Head Light. £74.99 rrp
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