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John Campbell from Lamb of God joins the EBS artist roster

John Campbell from Lamb of God joins the EBS artist roster

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EBS is happy to welcome John Campbell, bass player and founding member of Lamb Of God, as an EBS amplifier artist. The relationship began years ago when John started using EBS pedals but now developed to include the amplifiers too. We are happy to deliver the bass sound on stage with Lamb of God through the EBS 802 and Reidmar 752 bass amplifiers, in addition to the already involved EBS MultiComp and MicroBass 3 pedals.

John Campbell from Lamb of God
John Campbell from Lamb of God
Photo credit: Bryce Hall

Here is a statement from John Campbell: “After years of getting to know EBS through their superior pedal electronics, I’m happy to announce that I’m finally using their amps as well! The punch of the EBS 802 is intense and it has the growl and depth to match. The transportability and dependability of the Reidmar 752 make it an easy choice for travel gigs. It has plenty of power to hold its own from rehearsal to showtime. It’s great to be fully a part of the EBS family. I look forward to bringing the crushing bass tone to a town near you!”

Learn more about their latest album (Omens, 2022) and tour dates here: https://www.lamb-of-god.com/

EBS 802 front

About Lamb Of God:

Lamb of God is considered one of the greatest bands of the New Wave of American Heavy Metal. They have sold millions of records, received nominations for the Grammy Awards five times, and are among the most appreciated live bands by metal fans around the globe.

John Campbell is not the only artist joining the EBS family recently. Tony Chicago Russel, the bass force and musical director of multi-Grammy-winning rap artist Kendrick Lamar, and Julian Vaughn, with several #1 smooth jazz hits on the US Billboard list are two other new members to the family over the last couple of months.

More details at www.ebssweden.com

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