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iDance introduce new Rechargeable Bluetooth® Wireless entertainment systems and accessories.

iDance introduce new Rechargeable Bluetooth® Wireless entertainment systems and accessories.

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iDance have added six new products from their ever-expanding catalogue, featuring a host of innovative designs that have earned the company respect as world leaders in the field of portable, compact, self-contained entertainment systems.

iDance Groove 217 Rechargeable Bluetooth Partybox

Producing up to 8 hours of high-quality performance from a single USB charge, the new iDance Groove 217 Rechargeable Bluetooth® Partybox (£54.99 rrp) is a fine example.

Visually striking in a white ergonomically designed moulded cabinet, the iDance Groove 217 delivers a punchy 200 watts of warm bass and crystal clear highs from a heavy-duty speaker, with built-in colourful RGB LEDs housed within the speaker grill, and central jewelled lens, for a captivating disco light show.

With a sensitive microphone included, the iDance Groove 217 is instantly primed for karaoke. Vocals are enhanced with a built-in echo feature to blend with music streamed wirelessly, via Bluetooth® or USB/MP3 players, whilst compatible with YouTube, Spotify and most Karaoke apps, along with EZ technology for pairing with smartphones and tablets.

For larger events, the iDance Groove 217 includes Sharing Mode technology to connect to additional compatible iDance systems.

Also from the iDance Groove series, the Groove 214 with wired microphone and Groove 119 with wireless microphone are both all-in-one systems (£59.99 rrp & £99.99 rrp respectively) that both deliver a powerful 100watts, whilst also karaoke ready with included microphone, echo effects, handy remote control, wireless BT + USB/MP3 Player streaming and sharing facilities.

Looking stunning within a moulded black cabinet, both the Groove 214 and 119 include built-in RGB LED disco lighting within the sub woofer’s bass reflex speaker grill. With a convenient telescopic handle, the iDance Groove 214 and 119 are also ideal for any party, or Karaoke night, as a small PA system for schools, clubs, personal trainers or gyms.

iDance Blaster 301

Finished in white, the new 100w rechargeable all-in-one iDance Blaster 301 (£49.99 rrp) looks effortlessly stylish with its retro boom-box design, whilst featuring everything required for up to 8 hours of fun-filled party events from one USB charge. Also with a bright LED display and front facing control panel that’s easy to operate manually or with the included remote control.

With a sensitive microphone included, vocals are enhanced with a built-in echo feature to blend with music streamed wirelessly via Bluetooth® from external sources or USB/MP3 players, whilst compatible with YouTube, Spotify, or most Karaoke apps. Sharing facilities are also included and, with bright, colourful disco lights housed within the bass speakers and central jewelled lens, the iDance Blaster 301, is a superb all-in one portable entertainment package.

Also, with iDance ‘Sharing Mode’ technology, the size-defying iDance GoParty 1 Rechargeable Bluetooth® Speaker (£29.99 rrp) with synchronised disco flame LED lighting, delivers a healthy 5watts from its highly portable, compact dimensions. With well over 4 hours performance from just one USB charge, the iDance GoParty 1 is again, karaoke ready with mic input, vocal enhancing echo effects and streaming via USB, Bluetooth® or auxiliary inputs.

The new iDance Sing/Share/Live Streaming Kit is fully equipped to produce professional results online.

This extremely handy, all-in-one kit includes a sturdy, height adjustable stand with tripod base, adjustable mic boom arm and a 10″/26cm USB powered LED light ring with 3 light modes and 10 levels of brightness. For the perfect ‘head height to camera’ angle a universal phone/tablet (phone/tablet not included) holder with goose neck, is strategically positioned in the centre of the LED ring which itself, can be adjusted via a wired remote.

Lightweight and compact, the iDance Sing/Share/Live Streaming kit folds away neatly for transportation and is the essential accessory pack, for mobile Vlogging, streaming or video presentations.

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