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iDANCE add 4 new products to their range of popular self-contained entertainment systems

iDance add 4 new products to their range of popular self-contained entertainment systems

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iDance launch new and exciting products from their ever-expanding catalogue, featuring a host of innovative designs that have earned the company respect as world leaders in the field of portable, compact, self-contained entertainment systems.

With 4 hours playing time from the built-in rechargeable Lithium-ion battery, the new self-contained iDance STAGE303 6-in-1 Wireless Karaoke Speaker, delivers 200watts of crystal clear audio, with your favourite tracks streamed from phones and tablets via Wireless BT, or direct from the on-board USB MP3 player.

Apart from hi fi quality audio, iDance are renowned for their exciting colourful lighting effects seen here once more with the iDance STAGE303, incorporating a top centre mounted crystal disco ball, projecting rotating colourful light patterns on walls and ceilings, while two LED disco rings encircling two front facing speakers, create effective visual room ambience, so you can enjoy a full disco light show whilst listening to your favourite tracks.

Assuring you won’t feel alone when it’s your turn to demo your vocal skills, the iDance STAGE303 includes two high quality microphones both with controls for Volume and Echo effect.

With a robust construction that remains lightweight and portable and complete with AC power adaptor and built-in phone/table holder, the iDance STAGE303 6-in-1 Wireless Karaoke Speaker, is perfect for that special karaoke party night or corporate event and, a very popular model from the ever expanding iDance catalogue of high-quality entertainment systems. £139.00.rrp

Packed with up-to-date technology, the GROOVE114mk3 is the latest in the iDance Groove Series of popular self-contained Karaoke systems. With a highly efficient bass reflex system and LED lighting in the woofer, this compact unit delivers a size-defying 100w full frequency audio output.

Compact, lightweight and totally portable the GROOVE114mk3 incorporates MP3 Playback through USB / TF card, Wireless Audio BT to pair with smartphones and tablets, whilst a ‘Sharing Mode’ allows playback through an additional GROOVE114mk3.

A high quality wired microphone for vocal duties is also included, whilst built-in effects that include Kid, Robot, Man and Woman Voice changing modes and 8 sound effects like Crowd, DJ and Applause, are all operable via remote control.

With a large carry handle and Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries producing 4-8 hours of party time, the GROOVE114mk3 is another popular ‘take the party anywhere’            iDANCE product. USB Charging cable included. £59.99.rrp.

The new GOPTY4 iDance Wireless Speaker with Disco Flame Lights + Voice Changer offers effortless streaming from built-in Bluetooth® facilities and via this compact lightweight unit’s onboard USB MP3 player with superb sound quality.

With powerful Disco Flame LED Lights mounted within the front facing twin speaker baffle, between 4-8 hours playing time from the rechargeable Lithium-ion battery, the new, totally portable iDance GOPTY4, is a superb all-in-one 200watt party starter.

There is of course a high quality microphone included with Echo effect and, the ability to customise your voice or have fun with four different voice changing modes which include Child, Man, Woman or Robot.  £79.99 rrp with remote control.

iDance have also launched their new S100E iDance iRocker Electronic Drum Set. Specifically designed with aspiring drummers in mind, this compact 3-piece kit with real drum heads mounted on a sturdy frame, offers youngsters the opportunity to learn and develop rhythmic skills and dexterity, whilst it’s inside the onboard computer where the fun starts.

12 preset drum sets, 48 sound effects, 4 metronome tracks and a host of backing tracks to play along with include, Rock, Electro, House, Percussion, FK and DJ are easily selected via the central control panel which also has a 20watt built-in speaker with separate volume control. Silent drum sticks are also included and a set of wired headphones for silent practicing.

With the rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries delivering 4-8 hours of playing fun time from one single charge, the lightweight, stylish and very portable S100E iDance iRocker electronic drum kit, complete with drum stool, is the perfect choice for youngsters who may (or may not) be picking up drum sticks for the first time. £79.99.rrp.

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