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Gervana Xin Wei Delay and Chorus Pedal

Gervana Xin Wei Chorus and Delay Pedal

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Gervana introduces the new Xin Wei Chorus and Delay Dual Pedal

Nashville, TN – October 10th, 2018  –  Gervana is proud to announce the launch of the new Xin Wei Delay/Chorus Dual Pedal.

The Gervana Xin Wei Chorus and Delay Pedal combines two useful effects into one pedal.  The signal path moves from the input through the chorus effect, then the delay effect.  The delay time, delay repeats and delay volume are easily controlled by the knobs on the top of the pedal, as well as the chorus speed and depth.  These are familiar operations on most comparable pedals, but the tone is what sets this apart.

Using pure analog circuitry, the Chorus channel provides a warm, lush effect.  The delay is a warm analog-voiced, natural sounding effect that provides up to 600ms of delay.

Gervana Xin Wei Delay and Chorus Pedal Demo

Video by Tesi Switch

Gervana’s Ji Wei offers the following features:

  • Independent Chorus and Delay Effects
  • Up to 600ms delay time
  • Delay Controls: Delay Time, Delay Repeats, Delay Volume
  • Chorus Controls: Speed, Depth
  • Functions equally well in front of the amp, or in the effects loop
  • 9-volt operation and standard DC input (due to the power draw, this pedal does not operate on a battery)

The Ji Wei carries a street price of $149.99. For more information visit www.gervanapedals.com

Gervana Xin Wei Delay and Chorus Pedal Gervana Xin Wei Delay and Chorus Pedal

About Gervana Pedals

Gervana Pedals – Pronounced “juhr-VAH-nah” — has been creating boutique quality, hand-made pedals in their electronics factory in Fushun, China since 2005.  Small batch manufacturing has made these pedals rare and elusive, with only enough to support the local musicians in the area.  The growing Gervana line features premium components, durable construction and, most importantly, pro-quality tone. Gervana is continually developing new models, offering musicians boutique-quality pedals and amazing value. At Gervana we like to think that just because you didn’t spend $300 on a boutique pedal doesn’t mean your tone has to suffer.

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