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Gervana introduces the new Ji Si Distortion Pedal with Boost

Gervana Ji Si Distortion Pedal with Boost

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Gervana introduces the new Ji Si Distortion Pedal with Boost

Nashville, TN – November 20th, 2018  –  Gervana Pedals is proud to announce the launch of our new hand-wired distortion pedal, the Ji Si (pronounced jee-suh).­

The Ji Si offers incredible versatility over your distorted guitar tone. With common EQ controls (bass, mid, treble) and a dedicated gain control you can shape the tone to fit your mood.  The Ji Si features two distortion modes, modern and vintage, both modeled after a traditional British gain structure.  The vintage distortion has the sound of an old tube amplifier that has the master controls cranked up to sound more like power-tube overdrive, whereas the modern option focuses more on the preamp tube tone.

Gervana Ji Si Distortion Pedal with Boost

What sets the Ji Si apart is the boost side of the pedal. With its own independent and unique EQ controls you essentially have two distortion pedals in one.  The boost channel adds a supercharged mid-range control which allows the player to sweep through the mid frequency between 250Hz and 4500Hz and adjust the contour of the eq curve for that frequency which can provide anywhere from a sharp spike of the selected midrange and volume for solos, or subtly adjust the mid-range to give the guitar a different voice.

The Ji Si is the perfect boutique pedal for the discerning player that needs a broad variety of quality distortion tones at their feet.  Renowned pedal designer and electronics guru Bjorn Juhl says that this pedal is “…musical and fun to play.  You don’t normally see pedals with this performance.”

See the Ji S Distortion Pedal demo video

Video by Tesi Switch

Gervana’s Ji Si offers the following features:

  • 3-Band EQ on main channel
  • Selectable Modern and Vintage gain structures
  • Variable Gain Control
  • Mid-range sweep between 250Hz and 4500Hz on boost channel
  • Contour control to adjust the eq contour on boost channel
  • Master volume to control output of pedal
  • True-bypass circuitry
  • 9-volt operation with standard DC input or battery (not included)

The Ji Si carries a street price of $149. For more information visit www.gervanapedals.com

About Gervana Pedals

Gervana Pedals – Pronounced “juhr-VAH-nah” — has been creating boutique quality, hand-wired pedals in their electronics factory in Fushun, China since 2005.  Small batch manufacturing has made these pedals rare and elusive, with only enough to support the local musicians in the area.  The growing Gervana line features premium components, durable construction and, most importantly, pro-quality tone. Gervana is continually developing new models, offering musicians boutique-quality pedals and amazing value. At Gervana we like to think that just because you didn’t spend $300 on a boutique pedal doesn’t mean your tone has to suffer.

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