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EBS Reidmar 502 Bass Amp

EBS Reidmar 502 Bass Amp

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EBS Reidmar 502 – a lightweight bass amp that truly handles a 2-ohm load

EBS breaks new ground with a lightweight bass amp featuring a new Class D power module co-developed by EBS that truly handles a 2-ohm load.

The EBS Reidmar 502 handles a 2-ohm load so it can drive two 4-ohm cabinets simultaneously. To our knowledge, it is the first lightweight amp in the 500W-range that truly does that. And it does it with conviction too.

Due to EBS clever developed Soft-clip design, the Reidmar 502 makes efficient use of all the power at hand. That means more punch and a lot less compressed sound than with lightweight amplifiers using automatic limiters to prevent clipping. It prevents the bass tone from sounding muddy and keep the lows solid on higher volumes.

The preamp gives you full control and can bring out anything from a warm nice low end, brilliant highs and mids that cut through the mix when you need it.

The Reidmar 502 also features EBS famous onboard compressor, a balanced XLR recording output, effects loop, and headphones output for late night practice sessions without waking up your neighbors.

With the price at $549.99 only, it means great value for the money. Paired with a great cabinet (or two) it will handle all your needs without compromise.

The EBS Reidmar 502 starts shipping shortly after NAMM.

Price: $549.99

About EBS Professional Bass Equipment

EBS Professional Bass Equipment offer a wide range of amplifiers, cabinets, effects and accessories for bass players and beyond. Since the start in 1988, the focus has been on providing professional tools for the working musician. EBS headquarters is located in Stockholm, Sweden. The EBS Products are available in around 50 countries around the World through a network of distributors.

Learn more about EBS at www.ebssweden.com

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