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Dusky Electronics Announces Soniashnyk for Ukraine

Dusky Electronics Announces Soniashnyk for Ukraine

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A limited edition fuzz pedal to raise funds for the emergency in Ukraine

Durham, NC – April 19, 2022 – Today, Dusky Electronics releases Soniashnyk, a fuzz pedal for Ukraine. In partnership with Reverb.com as part of their “Turn up for Ukraine” initiative, Dusky is donating 75% of proceeds from Soniashnyk to Care International’s Ukraine Crisis Fund.

Soniashnyk is based on Dusky Electronic’s best selling pedal to date, their Augustus octave fuzz, with a twist to get some new sounds. Designer Chris Rossi says of it, “Early in the days of making Augustus there was one pedal that didn’t pass quality control. It wasn’t working right–the octave effect was severely deemphasized–but it sounded cool. So I saved it for a rainy day and now it’s raining. For Soniashnyk, I studied the ‘broken’ Augustus and figured out a way to reliably reproduce and control its dysfunction.”

Soniashnyk, named after the Ukrainian word for “sunflower”, is a limited edition to be sold exclusively on Reverb.com. Soniashnyk will be available for preorder through May 15th, or until all available preorder slots have been filled.

Dusky Electronics Soniashnyk for Ukraine

Soniashnyk features:

  • 100% discrete analog circuitry based on the Augustus
  • Radically streamlined two knob user interface
  • A dedicated “brokenness” control that adjusts the amount of the octave effect
  • Sunflower artwork by Chris Williams of Plastic Flame Press
  • High impedance input allowing for flexible placement in signal chain
  • Battery power option

See Soniashnyk in action here: https://youtu.be/zkdm

The Toasted retails for $200 and can be purchased online at reverb.com.

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