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Dimarzio Relentless Pj Combination For Bass

Dimarzio Releases The Relentless™ Pj Combination For Bass

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Staten Island, N.Y., February 14th, 2023 — DiMarzio, Inc. announces the release of the Relentless PJ™ (DP307) pickups for 4 string basses.

DiMarzio pickups embody equal parts tradition, innovation and invention, not only in their individual design but also in the way they complement one another. The Relentless PJ™ set delivers a thunder-and-lightning example of these idealized combinations, pairing a Relentless J™ bridge pickup with Relentless P™ pickups.

The inspiring new Relentless™ pickups combine ceramic (Relentless P™) and Neodymium magnets (Relentless J™), producing a better balance and up to 70 percent more output than traditional passive pickups. And best of all, these titans of teeth-rattling tone are dead quiet.

Dimarzio Relentless Pj Combination For Bass

Expanded mid-range punch, snappy highs and precise lows are hallmarks of the Relentless J™, while the Relentless P™ pickups sound simply massive, offering impressive output levels, beefy lows, growling midrange and crispy highs that sing with superior string definition. All Relentless™ pickups are fully potted and include our new comfort-sculpted metal covers with foil-shielded cables, along with a broad magnetic field. There are no limitations here, just high-powered tone.

Relentless™ pickups will breathe new life into any bass, increase playability, and work well for any style of music from Motown to metal.

DiMarzio’s Relentless PJ™ pickups are made in the U.S.A. and may now be ordered for immediate delivery. Suggested List Price for the Relentless PJ™ is $310.00 (MAP $219.99). For more information about the new Relentless PJ™ pickups, please visit our website at www.dimarzio.com.

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