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Death Metal Band Virulence Announce Debut EP Necrosis

Death Metal Band Virulence Announce Debut EP Necrosis

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TAMPA, FL — Death metal band Virulence announce the release of their debut EP, Necrosis. An unrelenting 21 minutes, the album’s five tracks showcase the full range of the band’s abilities, including their powerful synchronization during the most extreme moments. From the opening track to the last, Necrosis grabs hold of the listener with a firm death grip and doesn’t let go.

Convening during the height of the global pandemic in 2020, Virulence has emerged from Tampa, Fla., the death metal capital of the world. The four founding members are experienced players in the scene, hailing from several bands spanning multiple metal genres, including Divine Empire, Amon, Success Will Write Apocalypse Across the Sky (SWWAATS), Infernaeon, Anarchus, and Leprosy. Virulence’s debut EP Necrosis is mixed and mastered by Christian Donaldson, whose credits include the likes of Cryptopsy, Shadow of Intent, Ingested, Despised Icon, Beneath the Massacre, Beyond Creation, and The Agonist.

Necrosis makes the most of the EP’s limited time. The opener “Inheriting Ruin” kicks off with explosive blast beats under bludgeoning but steady riffs. Vocalist/guitarist Chris Defaut (Divine Empire, Infernaeon) puts his full vocal range on display, unleashing a demonic tenor before dropping down to a guttural bass. The second track, “Cleansed Through Decay”, was previously released as the band’s debut single. Its high intensity builds momentum, concluding with an explosive pummeling of guitar and drums. Guitarist Steven Harger and bassist Kevin Gibbons, along with Defaut, have deep history as bandmates (Infernaeon), which is evident as the guitars riff and break in perfect unison. Drummer Mike Petrak (SWWAATS, Amon, Anarchus) lands double times and blast beats with a masterful balance of precision and artistry.

Death Metal Band Virulence Announce Debut EP Necrosis

The title track “Necrosis” momentarily lightens the mood with opening dynamic melodies that carry throughout, even as the track descends into a death metal finale. “Behold the Bloodshed” lives up to its name by absolutely slaying for 4 minutes. A blistering guitar solo segues into a brutal ending complete with epic vocals. The fifth and final track “Bright Light” certainly doesn’t let up, switching from unrelenting thrash riffing to death metal sprints. A high-gain chromatic guitar solo takes hold at the halfway mark, providing the sonic “bright light” that guides this track and the EP to a fiery conclusion.

Any fan of metal, even those with preferences beyond the death metal subgenre, can appreciate the unwavering intensity of Virulence and their thoughtfully tracked debut EP, Necrosis.

Necrosis drops officially on November 11th but is available for preorder on virulence.bandcamp.com. Streaming on all major platforms.

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