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Death By Audio Announces New Pedal Collab w/A Place to Bury Strangers

Death By Audio Announces New Pedal Collab w/A Place to Bury Strangers, Exclusively Available on Reverb

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Death By Audio to Sell EXPLODING HEAD BUNDLE Exclusively on Reverb feat. Limited-Edition EXPLODING HEAD Triple Delay Pedal to Celebrate the “Unlucky 13th Anniversary” of the Album EXPLODING HEAD by A Place to Bury Strangers

RIDGEWOOD, QUEENS—Death By Audio Effects revealed a new pedal in collaboration with A Place to Bury Strangers: EXPLODING HEAD, available only as a bundle and exclusively from Reverb on Friday, October 21 at 11AM EST.

Limited to 500 units worldwide, the EXPLODING HEAD BUNDLE contains:

  • 2xLP Transparent Double Vinyl edition of Exploding Head Limited Edition Reissue by A Place to Bury Strangers
  • Exclusive Death By Audio EXPLODING HEAD Triple Delay Pedal
  • “Ego Death” Enamel Pin
  • “Deadbeat” Iron-on Patch
  • “Exploding Head’ Guitar Pick
  • 18″x24″ foldout lyric poster w/artwork
  • Glow-in-the-dark-sticker

Death By Audio’s EXPLODING HEAD Triple Delay Pedal resurrects the spine-tingling digital echoes of the long-dormant Ghost Delay pedal with expanded controls and a streamlined, ultra-small, pedalboard-friendly footprint. It’s the ultimate triple-delay dream maker/destroyer.

“This pedal improves on the sound I used around the time I was writing and recording Exploding Head,” says Death By Audio founder Oliver Ackermann. Ackermann is also the vocalist/guitarist/producer of A Place to Bury Strangers.

“I would do this trick where I’d link multiple delay lines to give the guitar this spooky, weird metallic sound. It’s more intense than a chorus and has a real unnatural sound. That sound exists in the EXPLODING HEAD pedal and was key to many of the songs on the record.”

The EXPLODING HEAD Triple Delay Pedal produces all-new otherworldly soundscapes to inspire the music of the future. Three delays wired in series offer individual Time, Feedback, and Blend controls for a psychedelic soiree of rhythmic multi-tap echoes, gooey ectoplasmic slapbacks, alien oscillations, swelling washes, and unhinged, in-the-red, borderline obscene (and possibly even banned in some jurisdictions) noise freakouts.

EXPLODING HEAD Triple Delay Pedal

The EXPLODING HEAD remakes itself in the image of the elusive (and unobtainable) Ghost Delay pedal with an improved knob-per-feature layout and the brand-new INFINITY SWITCH. Step on the Infinity Switch for dynamic swells, bursts of noise, or to build massive walls of sound.

EXPLODING HEAD will haunt your dreams in mono – or stereo! With a regular TS instrument cable, the EXPLODING HEAD’s three delays all output in mono. However, using a TRS cable splits the output into stereo. The first two delays (Black and Grey) are tapped to the Ring connection and the third delay (Red) is wired to the Tip connection.

You’ll stay in an infinite loop of joy/chaos, harmony/destruction, and dreams/nightmares with this bad boy on your pedalboard.

A Place to Bury Strangers at Desert Daze. Photo: Josh Beavers
A Place to Bury Strangers at Desert Daze. Photo: Josh Beavers

“This was a chance to design a pedal that utilized a lot of tricks I used on the record and on those tours back in 2009,” says Ackermann. “I only wish I had something so small and versatile at the time to get all of those face-melting sounds.”

The EXPLODING HEAD BUNDLE is limited to 500 units worldwide and available exclusively on Reverb.com on Friday, October 21 at 11AM EST.

About Death By Audio

Death By Audio handmakes effect pedals in a DIY warehouse in Queens, NYC.

Founded in 2002 by A Place To Bury Strangers frontman, Oliver Ackermann, Death By Audio started as a way to make sonic creations that far surpassed the scope of off-the-shelf effect units. Its inaugural years were spent warehouse-jumping from Virginia to New York, eventually spending nine years in the infamous Death By Audio effects pedal factory, venue, recording studio, and live-work space in Williamsburg. After the venue closed its doors in 2014, Death By Audio moved the effects pedal workshop to Ridgewood, Queens, where Oliver, fiancé Heather Bickford (the brains behind the operation), and crew continue to craft experimental effects pedals in small batches by hand.

Our goal at Death By Audio is to inspire you. Go and play some music right now. Hear your sound transform through one of our effect pedals. Turn your instrument upside down and play it with your other hand. Tape a microphone to your head. Search for new and exciting sounds to make something online the world has never heard. Live and die by the sounds you create.

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