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Death By Audio Germanium Filter - True Vintage Distortion Available Now

Death By Audio Germanium Filter – True Vintage Distortion Available Now

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Oliver Ackermann’s (A Place To Bury Strangers) effects pedal company, Death By Audio, is set to release the Germanium Filter, a true vintage boost, overdrive, distortion and fuzz pedal on January 20, 2022.

QUEENS, NY—Death By Audio, the effects pedal company founded by Oliver Ackermann of A Place To Bury Strangers, announced today the Death By Audio Germanium Filter, a vintage console-style boost, fuzz, distortion and overdrive pedal powered by a set of specially-matched NOS germanium transistors.

“The concept for the Germanium Filter has always been there,” says Oliver Ackermann. “I wanted to improve the OG Germanium Filter I designed in 2005 and turn it into something truly awesome—a pedal that uses this super old technology and blows it out the DBA way.”

The obsolete 1960s Russian transistors in Germanium Filter are hand-paired according to Death By Audio’s unconventional specifications to coax a bold and lively distortion sound for any musical application. Combine the finest in Soviet rare earth tone metals with a super intense filter, and the result is an extremely versatile tone-shaping tool for gain maniacs of all stripes.

Sweeping through the Filter control, the Germanium Filter delivers a full range of sounds from bottomless sub-bass to biting dog-whistle treble, plus a whole metaverse of full-bodied distortion sounds in-between. With this much control over the frequency spectrum, the Germanium Filter is ideal for warming up (or totally decimating) any instrument in any situation—live, in the studio or even on the side of the highway.

Tweaking the Gain control, the Germanium Filter morphs from a gritty not-quite-clean boost to a mild overdrive, saturated distortion, or a burly, blasted-out fuzz. The Germanium Filter is exceptionally responsive to changes in guitar volume. With the guitar volume rolled back, it opens up to reveal a hidden dimension of quacky, cutting rhythm tones bursting with harmonics and note-to-note definition.

“I’m so psyched about the Germanium Filter,” says Ackermann. “It sounds so good on everything all the time. I think everyone needs one on their pedalboard to give your tone that classic shine or to blast out the windows.”

The Germanium Filter is available January 20, 2022 at Death By Audio dealers worldwide or via direct order from Death By Audio.

Watch the Germanium Filter demo video here.

Germanium Filter—True Vintage Distortion

  • Filter control—precise control over frequency response for huge low end, chewy midrange or cutting treble bite
  • Gain control—sweeps from mild overdrive through blasted-out fuzz; highly interactive with guitar volume controls
  • Volume (internal trimpot)—sets the pedal’s maximum output volume
  • Current draw—5mA
  • Power—9v, 2.1mm center negative
  • Battery—yes, 9v battery included
  • Dimensions—5” x 2.5” x 2.25”
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