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Dawner Prince Electronics Pulse revolving speaker emulator

Dawner Prince Electronics Pulse revolving speaker emulator

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Dawner Prince Electronics reveals Pulse ™ revolving speaker emulator

Zmijavci, Croatia – July 20, 2020 – Following months of intensive research and development, Dawner Prince Electronics team managed to accurately emulate the Doppola and Maestro Rover RO-1 revolving speakers, musical devices that helped mark the rock music of the 20th century.

Pulse ™ is an open cabinet revolving speaker emulator, inspired by Pink Floyd’s legendary rotary speaker Doppola and Gibson’s ® Maestro Rover RO-1.

Revolving speaker cabinet is one of the highest revered musical devices, but recreating it soundwise in the pedal form is quite a challenge. It required spending countless hours on R&D, measuring every detail on a real physical model and using advanced math to emulate its complex sound image along with all the physics and mechanics behind it. And it’s all in there – a realistic three-dimensional sound that swirls as the speaker accelerates, exact spatial modulation and the feel of the air moving with every spin. It is modeled upon classics to become a classic.


  • Authentic Doppola/Maestro Rover RO-1 revolving speaker emulator
  • Stereo outputs for realistic three-dimensional sound image
  • Unique Mix control that mixes wet and dry unprocessed signal from the preamp
  • External input for an expression pedal or remote speed switch
  • True bypass switching system
  • Standard 9V DC input power requirements

Pulse revolving speaker emulator carries $339.95 USD MAP price, the first run is available exclusively at Dawner Prince Electronics web store and from mid-September at worldwide dealers too.

Dawner Prince Electronics Pulse revolving speaker emulator

About Dawner Prince Electronics

Founded in 2009, Dawner Prince Electronics is a company specialized in manufacturing high-end guitar effects pedals and music electronics. With their advanced and innovative engineering ideas incorporated into the circuitries and completely handmade production process, this company steadily builds its reputation as one of the most refined boutique guitar effects companies nowadays.

Read more: dawnerprince.com

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