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Danelectro release vintage inspired The Breakdown

Danelectro release vintage inspired The Breakdown

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Danelectro “The Breakdown” Boost / Overdrive Pedal

Aerosmith’s Joe Perry is a Dano fan owning several guitars and is one of many high profile rock players who are now adding these new vintage inspired pedals to their boards.

Joe’s choice right now is Danelectro The Breakdown, an extremely effective gain/boost pedal. Whilst some multi effect pedals are awash with controls and switches and often red LD’s (which can be hard to read under low stage lighting), The Breakdown has a large status orange LED and a simple off-set, two control layout. It’s like this pedal is shouting up at you, ‘hey bro’ this is all you need’, I’ll do the rest’.

Whist the Volume control speaks for itself, it’s also a master for the six position Break Up rotary control which ups the output from subtle to mild grit from positions 1-3 and really let’s go from 4-6, pushing the amp’s front end with high output akin to towering stacks at full tilt, without coloring the tone of the guitar. There’s no need to close your eyes and bring to mind rock’s yesteryears, The Breakdown instantly delivers memorable, unprocessed, organic, analogue guitar sounds heard on famous rock albums from the late 60’s and early 70’s.

Danelectro ‘THE BREAKDOWN™’ Boost/Overdrive Pedal

Video by Danelectro Official

Danelectro vintage inspired Eisenhower Fuzz and The Breakdown

As a brand, Danelectro has always been a cult favorite amongst musicians who today, can enjoy modern adaptations of original, classic Dano guitars. Guitars that replicate so many inspirational guitar lines from a company that dates back to the 1950’s, when Sears approached Nathan Daniel to make an affordable electric guitar.

The rest as they say….really is ‘history’ and Nat’s original hollow bodied guitars constructed with Masonite board, were unquestionably a major contribution to the birth of rock and roll.

Far from resting on their laurels, Danelectro have continued to listen to what players really want from guitars, pickups, amps and effects. The Eisenhower Fuzz and The Breakdown Gain/Boost, are from a new line of vintage inspired stand-alone pedals that follow the highly successful Billionaire Series released during 2018.

Unlike the Billionaires, with their clean modern look, the Eisenhower Fuzz and The Breakdown, look like they’ve been on a pedalboard since the late 60’s. The aged cases and controls have a road worn, heavily smoke stained look (why was the extractor fan always behind the stage back then?), effortlessly delivering memorable guitar sounds from that period, whilst also remaining a total inspiration for younger players.

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