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Danelectro Launch Baby Sitar

Danelectro Launch Baby Sitar

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Originally launched in 1968, the Danelectro® Baby Sitar immediately offered guitar players a totally new musical direction and an opportunity to accurately replicate the sitar sounds heard at the forefront of a string of hits during the 60’s.

Think ‘Paint it Black’ by The Rolling Stones and Norwegian Wood by The Beatles where, up until then, guitar players knuckled down to the challenge of studying the approach to the sitar and, whilst very rewarding, it’s often complicated related music theory.

Played like a normal six string guitar, the Danelectro Baby Sitar quickly created a new trend of ‘raga rock’, allowing guitar players to effortlessly and accurately blend modern guitar styles with authentic sitar sounds.

Finished in a gorgeous all-over ‘Vintage Aqua’ finish with contrasting white decorated ‘Curly Cue’ scratchplate and again, with the ‘thermometer-shape’ headstock, the new gourd shaped Danelectro Baby Sitar, features the same original, simplistic design and affordability that appealed to guitar players back in the day.

The secret to the Baby Sitar’s incredibly accurate and authentic traditional sitar sound is the Goto® ‘buzz bridge’ with scalloped grooves for each string and adjustable to allow for the amount of required sitar effect.

Installed close to the bridge, the single Danelectro lipstick pickup with its iconic warm, open low-end, searing mids, classic Dano chime and clarity, is the perfect choice to replicate and enhance lush, undulating chords, single note lead lines and vibrato bends in pure sitar style.

Additional hardware includes single volume/tone controls and vintage style, smooth-geared, chrome machine heads and a precision-cut aluminium nut ensuring accurate tuning and intonation. Like all Danelectro guitars, the new Baby Sitar with a slick, high gloss neck and smooth 21 fret rosewood fingerboard, plays like a dream.

The fun aspect of the Danelectro Baby Sitar is of course enormous, whilst also inviting new sonic songwriting territories and a serious and unique live/studio instrument that excels with chorus, flange, reverb, delay, overdrive and alternative tunings.


About Danelectro

Having started guitar production back in the 1950’s, Danelectro is now regarded by guitar players around the world as an iconic brand. Hollowed bodied, budget guitars constructed using Masonite, guitars that helped with the birth of rock and roll.

You have to be careful how you use the word ‘unique’, but as a guitar brand, Danelectro certainly is. Far from a company that could easily sit back on its laurels, Dano fans are always eager to try out new and exciting models which can be found at www.danelectro.com

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