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Danelectro 64XT Vibrator

Danelectro’s vibrato tone heaven – The 64XT

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Danelectro‘s ultra cool ’64XT is a modern and authentic adaptation of the classic off-set, reversed double cutaway from the 1950’s. Finished in Black, Vintage Cream, Aqua, Dark Red and 3 Tone Sunburst, the ’64XT includes the company’s familiar ‘coke bottle’ headstock, allowing straight string pull which, with a precision cut graphite nut, ensures the Wilkinson vibrato bridge system returns to zero pitch every time.

The ’64XT’s hardware and electrics also include a single coil pickup with large housing angled at the neck and a dual humbucking lipstick pickup installed at the opposite angle at the bridge. Controls include a master volume and master tone control with coil tap for the bridge pickup and 3-way selector switch.

Even from a distance, you can’t mistake the art-deco looks and unmistakable vibe of a Danelectro guitar, one of the few guitar brands that can truly be described as legendary, classic, iconic, retro, cool, hip and trendy.


About Danelectro

Having started guitar production back in the 1950’s, Danelectro is now regarded by guitar players around the world as an iconic brand. Hollowed bodied, budget guitars constructed using Masonite, guitars that helped with the birth of rock and roll.

You have to be careful how you use the word ‘unique’, but as a guitar brand, Danelectro certainly is. Far from a company that could easily sit back on its laurels, Dano fans are always eager to try out new and exciting models which can be found at www.danelectro.com

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