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Damnation Audio Curmudgeon 2 Bass Amp Distortion Pedal

Damnation Audio Releases Curmudgeon 2 Bass Amp Distortion Pedal

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Solid-state power amp distortion offers multiple stages of coloration and distortion

BALTIMORE, MD – March 18, 2021 – (GuitarPR) – Damnation Audio’s new Curmudgeon 2 is a solid-state power amp (lead sled) distortion that takes your incoming signal, multiplies it by 1000, and slams it into a simulated power amp. This simulated power amp features parallel stages that are mixed and loaded down just like a power amp struggling to breathe. This gives you multiple stages of solid-state amp coloration and distortion. A simple tone control lets in just enough high frequency to help you cut through in a dense mix. Curmudgeon 2 features:

  • Original analog design
  • Pedal board-friendly size with top-mounted jacks
  • Silent relay-based true-bypass switching
  • Depth toggle to quickly change the character of the pedal from bright grinding tones to massive thick tones
  • Circuit design allows for placement anywhere in your signal chain or use with active pickups
  • Great for guitar, bass, baritone, synths, and more!
  • Standard center-negative 2.1mm 9V DC jack.

Curmudgeon 2 is priced at $219.00 USD and is available now at the Damnation Audio Web Store and select retailers.

Demo videos can be viewed at:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VzwZ_ani5Xw and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IXlkycn6KQA.

For more information about the Curmudgeon 2 and additional guitar and bass demos, visit

About Damnation Audio

Before launching Damnation Audio in 2016, Jeff Davis spent years tweaking circuits and wanting to share what he was building. With his first product release, the original MBD1, the reaction was more than he could have hoped for. Today, Jeff builds only what he can’t find for himself and that strategy has paid off as his unique product line continues to grow.

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