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Cort’s New JADE Classic Acoustic-Electric Guitars

Cort’s New JADE Classic Acoustic-Electric Guitars

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Cort’s New JADE Classic Acoustic-Electric Guitars Are Sweeter than Their Sparkle

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA — With the unveiling of JADE Classic acoustic-electric guitars, Cort defies conventions by introducing a radically retro look to its JADE Series. While the pearloid pastels are an esthetic throwback to 1950s rock-n-roll, JADE Classics have plenty of modern features that will delight players who are in the market for a smaller-size guitar. The target audience will find that the JADE Classics offer so much more than “a guitar built for girls,” and harken back to a time when the rebellion all started.

The immediate appeal of the JADE Classics is their small-body design and eye-catching new colors: Pastel Yellow, Pastel Pink, and Sky Blue Open Pore. The 1950s-era pearloid is applied to the headstock and pickguard, and gives these guitars their unique sparkle. However, where the JADE Classics truly shine is less apparent to the eye and more noticeable to the ear. These guitars produce a sweet, warm tone thanks to the all-mahogany construction that Cort developed in accordance with recent acoustic guitar market trends. The mahogany back and sides, while darker-sounding than spruce, are comparatively warmer with a full, rich mid-range. The unique construction gives JADE Classics their surprising tonal depth.

The JADE Classics are built ready to rock with the onboard Cort CE304T pickup. This system has 3-band EQ for tonal flexibility that delivers the richness of the mahogany to an amplification system for both live and recording applications. The preamp also includes a convenient LED tuner.

Other modern features utilized in the JADE Classic models include the Venetian cutaway design that provides easy high-fret access. Aided by the thin neck and dovetail neck joint, experienced players will find that these guitars are both versatile and capable. Tuning is a breeze with new vintage open-gear machine heads (18:1 tuning ratio) that are relatively lightweight and help to improve the instrument’s overall balance.

With JADE Classic acoustic-electric guitars, Cort proves that beauty isn’t a convention and “pretty” can still pack a punch. At MSRP $329.99 (w/ gig bag) each, these high-quality guitars won’t break the bank, either.

About Cort Guitars

Cort designs, manufactures and delivers some of the finest guitars and basses to musicians and music enthusiasts all around the world. Over the past 50 years, the company has worked with some of the largest and most well-recognized guitar companies in the industry, as well as artists of international recognition. Cort remains focused on providing instruments that will last generations with the best workmanship possible, the best materials and components, and the best service long after the instruments have been purchased. For more information, visit www.cortguitars.com.

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