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Cort KX508 Multi Scale II

Cort Introduces KX508 Multi Scale II

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Cort Introduces KX508 Multi Scale II Offering Approachable Sonic Versatility

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREACort Guitars introduces the next-generation KX508 Multi Scale II, delivering an eye-catching design with a variety of great sounds for the modern player. Expanding on the innovations of Cort’s original 8-string multiscale, the KX508 Multi Scale II features an updated okoume body and a specially designed Fishman Fluence Modern Humbucker Set for reinforcement on the low-B and low-F# strings. But its most important upgrade are the pickups. The KX508 Multi Scale II stands out aesthetically while offering enhanced playability and approachable sonic versatility.

The KX508 Multi Scale II is the second iteration of the eight-string KX508, Cort’s first multi-scale 8-string guitar introduced in 2020. Like its predecessor, the KX508 Multi Scale II has a visually stunning poplar burl top in a Mariana Blue Burst finish. Beyond its visual appeal, the poplar burl is an ideal tonal complement to Cort’s newly introduced okoume body. Okoume is known for its light weight and ability to improve tonal clarity. It has a tight low-end and highly articulate high-end, which matches the overall sonic characteristics of the KX508 Multi Scale II. The multi-scale, measuring 26.5 to 28 inches, offers a punchy low end while maintaining a familiar feel and tension on the treble strings, which allows for speedy runs and string-bending. Players have unhindered access to the high frets thanks to the low-scooped heel.

With a strong tonal foundation in the wood, the KX508 Multi Scale II upgraded to the 9 string Fishman® Fluence Modern Humbucker Set.  The 9 string pickup has a much larger size giving it a much bigger magnetic field.  That bigger magnetic field captures much more of the string vibration and improves the sound dramatically.  By installing those same pickups at an angle, the frequency response and articulation are sure to be a welcome upgrade. The Fishman Fluence Modern Humbucker provides the best of both active and passive worlds in terms of sound and feel. Push-pull pots on the Volume and Tone knobs facilitate coil-tap for single-coil sounds as well as Fishman’s Voice1 for modern, active high-output humbucker tone. Voice2, in comparison, has a passive-type organic feel, with increased vintage-like dynamics and response, while maintaining high output for warm, rich distortion or clean sounds. The push/pull in combination with the 3-way pickup selector unleashes the full potential of the humbucker and the coil-split system.

The 5-piece maple and purple heart neck not only provides strength and stability, aided by a spoke nut hotrod truss rod, but a strong and focused sound. The Macassar ebony fingerboard (15.75-inch radius) offers smooth playability along the 24 frets with teardrop inlays. Macassar is an ideal tonewood for high-gain applications because of its ability to cut through a dense mix. At the top of the neck, the 2 7/32-inch nut width (56.5 mm) is surprisingly comfortable for an 8-string guitar and is even suitable for players with smaller hands. The individual hardtail bridge with string-thru-body design results in greatly improved sustain, superb string separation for enhanced articulation, and precise intonation. Deluxe locking machine heads offer reliable tuning as well as easier and quicker string changes.

For the finishing touch, Cort applies its modern, sleek ‘Next Gen’ Cort logo on the headstock, designed to perfectly complement the aggressive styling of the KX Series. Black nickel hardware polishes off the look.

Whether a player wants to unleash brutal modern metal distortion with the glory of an 8-string or dial it back for sweet, clean jazz-like tones, the KX508 Multi Scale II is a versatile guitar that’s built for the challenge.

MSRP $1699.99 USD
MAP $1199.99 USD

Learn more about this model and see a demo at www.cortguitars.com.

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