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Cort Adds Gold-OC8 Nylon Classical Guitar to Flagship Acoustic Series

Cort Adds Gold-OC8 Nylon Classical Guitar to Flagship Acoustic Series

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SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA — Cort presents the Gold-OC8 Nylon, the very first classical guitar introduced to its flagship acoustic Gold Series. Representing a modern take on the oldest form of guitar, the Gold-OC8 Nylon offers excellent materials, superior craftsmanship, and top-of-the-line technology, including the Fishman Flex Blend preamp system. Whether the player is a fingerstyle soloist or a folk/pop singer-songwriter, the Gold-OC8 Nylon is a gig-ready instrument that’s primed for center stage.

The Gold-OC8 Nylon begins with an Orchestra Model (OM) Cutaway design that’s an ideal size for those seeking playing comfort. The OM body offers a bright and stronger high-midrange emphasis that’s more suited for fingerpicking than strumming, while the Venetian cutaway allows easy access to the high frets. Cort’s use of internal hand-scalloped X-bracing helps to deliver a rich tone and dynamic responsiveness that defies the guitar’s smaller size.

Like its Gold Series counterparts, the Gold-OC8 Nylon was designed with a primary focus on great sound, and the Fishman Flex Blend System superbly translates the guitar’s natural tones. The preamp offers an under-saddle pickup with a condensed microphone to provide even the most demanding acoustic players the tones they desire on any stage. The system offers ergonomic knobs for Volume, Tone, and Blend control, as well as a built-in tuner, while its small and unobtrusive footprint helps the player stay focused on making music.

In terms of tone wood selection, the Gold-OC8 Nylon has plenty to offer, particularly with its series-first Engelmann spruce top. More tactile and sensitive than Sitka spruce, the Engelmann spruce exhibits a rich, full midrange with a clear, smooth top-end that’s responsive to a soft touch. Cort treats the Engelmann spruce top using a special Aged to Vintage (ATV) torrefication process that gives this guitar a big, open tone of a decades-old, highly-sought-after acoustic, which sounds amazing right out of the box. Meanwhile, the attractive and exotic solid pau ferro sides and back provide depth with excellent dynamics. This highly regarded tone wood is comparable to Indian rosewood, with good impression strength parallel to the grain. Black binding with triple-ply purfling unites the materials with strength and sophistication, while the Natural Glossy finish tops it off.

Beyond material quality, the connection between a guitar’s neck and body is another key factor in delivering great sound. Cort approaches this design thoughtfully in the Gold Series, starting with a tight-fitting traditional dovetail neck joint that’s reinforced with an added bolt. This DoubleLock neck joint maximizes the transfer of tone and enhances the instrument’s natural resonance. As a further upgrade, the mahogany neck is reinforced with two pieces of walnut that add rigidity and stability while retaining the natural properties of the wood.

Further enhancing playability, the Gold-OC8 Nylon offers a 20-fret ebony fingerboard at 25.3’’ scale. The wider 1 7/8’’ nut width provides classical-style string spacing while easing the transition for non-classical players. Along with the ebony bridge, the genuine bone nut and saddle provide the finishing touches on this high-end build.

Each Gold OC-8 Nylon comes with a set of Savarez Cristal Corum 500CJ high-tension nylon strings, which includes Corum polished-silver-wound basses and Cristal trebles. This is the perfect set for players who prefer that high-tension feel. Cort’s authentic Vintage Classic tuners reliably maintain both tension and tuning stability.

With the purchase of the Gold-OC8 Nylon, Cort includes its Deluxe Soft-Side Case. It’s not only stylish and sleek but combines the superb protection of a hard case with the flexibility and portability of a padded gig-bag.

Whether players are classically experienced or expanding their style repertoire, they’ll find great value in the Gold-OC8 Nylon at MSRP $1499.99 with hard case.

Learn more and get a closer look at www.cortguitars.com.

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