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Cort Upgraded Artisan C4 and C5 Plus OVMH Bass Guitars

Cort Upgraded Artisan C4 and C5 Plus OVMH Bass Guitars

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Cort Unveils Upgraded Artisan C4 and C5 Plus OVMH Bass Guitars

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA (July 7, 2021) — Cort Guitars honors a true workhorse with the introduction of the new Artisan C5 Plus OVMH, also available in a 4-string model. Representing the evolution of Cort’s Artisan C4 Plus, both the Artisan C5 Plus OVMH and C4 Plus OVMH deliver a more familiar, rounder body shape that was previously only available on premium Artisan A models; a brand-new MetalCraft M bridge; and an attractive ovangkol top in an Antique Brown-Burst color. Whether a player is new to the bass or a seasoned professional, the Artisan C5 Plus OVMH and its 4-string counterpart offer plenty of enhancements that optimize the playing experience.

The Artisan C5 Plus OVMH bass follows the tradition of Cort’s Artisan Series, offering premium workmanship that’s on full display with a unique body made from an ovangkol top, mahogany wings, and maple core. Both the 5-string and 4-string models offer a luxurious aesthetic that’s hard to resist, given the ovangkol’s blend of cinnamon-brown and darker streaks that evoke a classy vintage look. Beyond the surface, these tonewoods deliver a perfect blend of balanced tone. Ovangkol shares similar characteristics as rosewood and bubinga, with a slightly fuller midrange and a top end that’s not as bright sounding, while the strategically placed maple center makes up for the missing highs. The combination of ovangkol and maple, together with a warm-sounding mahogany body, provide an ideally balanced tone.

Putting the high-end workmanship of the Artisan Series on full display, Cort applies a rounder body shape on the Artisan C5 Plus OVMH that not only provides an iconic unified look on the traditional bolt-on (34-inch scale), but also delivers ergonomic comfort. The 24-fret Canadian hard maple neck with jatoba fretboard (15.75-inch radius) adds stability and contributes punchy brilliance to the overall tone of the instrument. Black hardware and die-cast tuners put a bold touch on an otherwise natural aesthetic.

Both the Artisan C5 Plus OVMH and C4 Plus OVMH offer a solid, high-mass MetalCraft M bridge, an upgraded feature that’s highly adjustable with ample wide string spacing to improve playing comfort. The MetalCraft M4 (19 mm or .750” spacing on the C4 Plus) and M5 (18 mm or .708” spacing on the C5 Plus) were developed with more focus on ease-of-use and greater tone transfer. Depending on string thickness, the dual-string loading system allows the strings to be loaded either through the body or from the top for optimal string tension that results in enhanced sustain, greater playability, and focused sound. Deep individual slots hold the saddles rock-tight, which provides noticeable tonal improvement by preventing unwanted movement and allowing string vibrations to correctly transfer to the body.

The combination of the Bartolini® MK-1 pickups and Markbass® MB-1 active electronics are key to the versatility of the Artisan C5 Plus OVMH and its 4-string counterpart. In the Artisan Series tradition, Bartolini MK-1 pickups deliver a trademark sound with plenty of punchy and warm mids, along with transparent and brilliant highs for superb balance. The Markbass MB-1 preamp provides a natural and transparent boost that does not color the organic nature or resonance of the instrument’s woods. The combination of crystal clarity and natural warmth exudes a passive feel with smooth lows, full-bodied mids, and bell-like highs.

Overall, the Artisan C5 Plus OVMH and C4 Plus OVMH are versatile bass guitars that are ideal for any style of music and playing environment, with looks, sound, playability, and features that will satisfy the most discerning of players.

Artisan C4 Plus OVMH: US$699.99
Artisan C5 Plus OVMH: US$749.99

MAP (Street):
Artisan C4 Plus OVMH: US$449.99
Artisan C5 Plus OVMH: US$499.99

Learn more and see a demo at www.cortguitars.com.

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