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Breedlove Reimagines Laminate Guitar Construction

Breedlove Reimagines Laminate Guitar Construction

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Bend, Oregon builder brings meaningful tone enhancements to the industry

Bend, ORE—July 8, 2021—With the introduction of sonically superior EcoTonewood technology, available exclusively in Designed in Bend ECO Collection instruments, Breedlove plants a flag on the field of laminate construction design in both sound and sustainability.

Transforming traditional laminate’s weakness to strength by upgrading the tone-robbing soft center core to a true tonewood layer of resonant, authentic African mahogany, EcoTonewood provides the flexibility and cost-savings of traditional laminate while breaking the sound barrier normally associated with its use. A first for the industry.

The difference is immediate and dramatic; instruments with tone that’s big and bold, with the African mahogany center layer projecting significantly more volume than traditional laminate construction.

Product Development and Wood Manager, Angela Christensen, explains, “It’s really the volume that people notice first – that’s the first perception.” She continues, “It strikes you right out of the gate, but then it’s the quality of the sound.”

Designed and constructed with the fit and finish you’ve come to expect, the ECO Collection is chock full of Breedlove essentials like solid tops, low-profile, pinless Delta bridges and Fishman pickup systems. Our DNA is woven throughout.

The ECO Collection is comprised of three unique series, with the Discovery S (our superior entry-level line of instruments) and Pursuit Exotic S series (boasting TUSQ nuts and saddles and with specialty instruments like nylon string, 12-string and fretted/fretless bass models) integrating spectacular Hawaiian Koa or Myrtlewood interior and exterior layers around the robust African mahogany, adding a crisp, transparent top to the mahogany’s round bottom and well-defined mids.

By using the same, resonant, African mahogany for all three EcoTonewood layers, ostensibly acting as a solid piece of wood, the Rainforest S series delivers a loud and lush tone where sustain and warmth are in abundance. The pronounced mids and increased lows provide a balanced, even tone across the tonal spectrum with improved definition and plenty of volume.

With the release of the groundbreaking ECO Collection, Breedlove realizes the vision of owner and CEO, Tom Bedell, bringing the entry level instruments in line with Tonewood Certified Made in Bend models and 2020’s Organic Collection of sustainably sourced instruments, to complete Breedlove’s transition to 100% tonewood sustainability. Another industry first. As Bedell unequivocally states, “Our goal is to build a great sounding guitar that is 100% sustainably harvested to protect our world’s forests.”

Breedlove – doing the right thing, never sounded better.

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