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Breedlove Guitars offers “A Cure for the Quarantine Blues”

Breedlove Guitars offers “A Cure for the Quarantine Blues”

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Deep discounts allow potential players to “live the guitar dream” while social distancing

BEND, ORE.—MAY 6, 2020—With deep discounts on select models, Breedlove Guitars offers “A Cure for the Quarantine Blues”, a program designed to assist dealers as they prepare to reopen or resume shipping and enable players to safely access affordable, superior quality instruments.

A recent headline in Rolling Stone magazine wondered, “Will Quarantine Spark a Renaissance?” noting that many first time instrument buyers have been looking for new ways to cope with cabin fever while desiring to express themselves through music.

“We’ve heard from so many of you,” said Breedlove owner Tom Bedell, in what has become the campaign’s hopeful message. “We’re all a little blue and burned out, but, as you’ve affirmed, music helps. We’d like to help, too, by making it easier than ever to live the guitar dream.”

Through June 30, consumers will receive discounts of $50 off easy playing, entry level Discovery models; $100 off sustainably sourced acoustic/electric instruments in the all solid wood Organic Collection; and $250 off Made in Bend guitars in the handcrafted, Sound Optimized® Oregon Series, featuring native myrtlewood.

If dealers are unable to provide curbside service or delivery, Breedlove will safely ship directly to buyers.

“Acoustic guitars are fun, low maintenance and always ready to rock,” Bedell said. “Let’s make music together, even if we’re apart.”

Learn more at Breedloveguitars.com

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