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BluesBox Guitars by Custom Sound Instruments

BluesBox Guitars by Custom Sound Instruments

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Custom Sound Instruments Introduces BluesBox™ Guitars with Variable Setup Options

Professional electric cigar box guitar offers innovative, built-in alternate tuning feature for maximum flexibility

FLAGSTAFF, AZ – March 6, 2019 – (GuitarPR) – Custom Sound Instruments, based in Flagstaff, Arizona has announced the introduction of its new BluesBox™ electric guitar, a high-quality cigar box instrument designed with a unique setup feature for all guitarists. Each instrument is handcrafted and professionally made for real musicians who play out live on stage, in the studio or at home for fun.

BluesBox guitars come standard with a unique, built-in variable setup option that allows the player to reposition the strings on the bridge to create an entirely different sound and tuning for the instrument.

“This cigar box instrument is a great little 4-string guitar to have around, adding a new and rustic voice to your mix. Use it for different alternate tunings and slide playing or try it with a Nashville octave tuning,” said company founder, Ryan Elewaut.

Each BluesBox guitar is solidly handcrafted in Flagstaff, Arizona and features a single coil lipstick pickup, Maple neck, bone nut and variable setup bridge. Every instrument is intended to be as perfect as possible before it reaches its new owner.

Custom Sound Instruments offers wholesale pricing to music retailers, and for direct consumers there is always a 3-day “Play-It-First” policy insuring buyers have time to play and get to know their new acquisition before any final commitment. If expectations have not been met, and the buyer notifies the company of their intent to return the instrument within 72 hours of receiving it, they will be fully refunded minus shipping expenses.

BluesBox guitars are available from select dealers.

BluesBox Guitars by Custom Sound Instruments

About Custom Sound Instruments

In business since 2004, Custom Sound Instruments designs, produces and distributes handcrafted instruments created by their resident luthiers, including the unique BluesBox Guitars. The company also specializes in world-class repair, restoration work and modifications on guitars and other string instruments. Get more information at https://customsoundinstruments.com.

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