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Black Lion Audio PG-1 mkII power conditioner

Black Lion Audio introduces PG-1 mkII power conditioner

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Black Lion Audio introduces improved PG-1 mkII power conditioner as PG-1 predecessor replacement

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, USA: boutique audio company Black Lion Audio is proud to announce availability of its PG-1 mkII — marked as a ‘numerical’ replacement for its preceding PG-1 (POWER GRID 1) 1U rack-mount power conditioner with the same dimensions (W: 19”/48.3 cm, D: 9.8”/24.9 cm, H: 1.7”/4.3 cm), weight (10.6 lbs/4.8 kg), and price (US MAP: $299.00/EU SSP: €299.00), but benefitting from an improved overall look and an added (5V 1A) USB CHARGER port positioned on its front panel — as of December 1…

Black Lion Audio PG-1 mkII power conditioner

Anyone actively involved in professional music-making — onstage or otherwise — knows that it takes more than a few rack-mounted power outlets to inspire true confidence in a power conditioner. Clearly, acquiring a must-have piece of gear only to find it noisier than expected or missing high-frequency detail — or, worse still, having it fried by an unwanted power surge — are all far from ideal scenarios! Such sorry setbacks need not happen, however; Black Lion Audio is here to help, having long since been trusted to modify the best gear and make it even better, which is exactly what it took to create the PG-1 mkII — taking industry-standard designs, and improving them to the point of peak performance.

Power conditioning comes naturally to Black Lion Audio. After creating its original PG-1 (POWER GRID 1) as a confidence-inspiring, rack-mountable power conditioner premiering PG-99 Filtering Technology to improve upon the typical average of 85% found in other power conditioners at the same price point, the PG-1 mkII makes for a perfectly executed followup featuring that same technology and being built using premium Panasonic and Wima capacitors chosen for their superior execution in eliminating high-frequency noise that robs equipment of its peak performance. Indeed, in testing, the PG-1 mkII provides an average of 99.7% of noise filtering. Furthermore, combining that superior filtration with an impressive power absorption rating of 2,775 joules means that any connected gear — must-have or otherwise — is not only on the receiving end of quality power but protected from any unsafe scenarios, should they unfortunately happen!

Black Lion Audio PG-1 mkII power conditioner

Having said that, then, the PG-1 mkII provides a bank of eight switched, filtered, and surge-protected outlets on its back panel arranged as four groups — namely, ANALOG AUDIO OUTLETS (x2), 2x DIGITAL AUDIO OUTLETS (x2), and HIGH CURRENT OUTLETS (x2). Fortunately for that connected gear, the time-delayed ANALOG AUDIO OUTLETS and HIGH CURRENT OUTLETS always ensure that speakers and power amplifiers are the last to turn on and the first to turn off, thereby preventing the dreaded ‘pop’ that can occur if speakers receive power at the same time as sound sources.

By benefitting from an improved look befitting its highlighted mkII status, an attractive front panel provides two filtered UNSWITCHED OUTLETS for convenience alongside an added (5V 1A USB) CHARGER port for charging USB devices, as well as an XLR lamp connector and associated DIMMER control (clearly assisting in helping shed light on the situation in a variety of lighting conditions), while the centrally located VOLTAGE MONITOR makes real-time analysis available for all to see (with dedicated Ground OK, Wiring Fault, Clean Power On, Abnormal Voltage, and Protection On LED status) and hear (as an audio alarm announces unsafe voltage). Ultimately, users can rest easy knowing that the safety of their gear is at the considered core of the improved PG-1 mkII.

Black Lion Audio PG-1 mkII power conditioner

The PG-1 mkII is available to purchase through Black Lion Audio’s growing global network of dealers/distributors with a MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) of $299.00 USD and an SSP (Suggested Selling Price) of €299.00 EUR (excluding VAT).

For more in-depth information, please visit the dedicated PG-1 mkII webpage here: https://www.blacklionaudio.com/store/power-conditioners/pg-1-mkii-power-conditioner/

About Black Lion Audio

Founded in 2006, Black Lion Audio is a boutique audio company based in Chicago. Collectively it takes pride in providing customers with outstanding quality gear for their recording studios at prices that are ridiculously affordable. As such, the company has built a reputation for supplying superior quality sound in a cost-effective manner within the space of a few short years. Yet, given the current economic climate, it is no wonder that major labels, project studios, software companies, and high-profile tracking and mix engineers make up a significant portion of the company’s client base. Indeed, its work can be heard in award-winning major motion picture scores and soundtracks, major television shows and commercials, as well as being utilised by prestigious organisations and major label acts alike.

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