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Bassist Nick Loporchio On Tour With Porter & Davies KT Platform

Bassist Nick Loporchio On Tour With Porter & Davies KT Platform

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Nick Loporchio, bassist and founder member of reggae band Iya Terra used his Porter & Davies KT Platform recently at the Cali Vibes festival in Long Beach California and had all the other bass players positively drooling.

The KT Platform transmits sounds by Kinetic Transfer to enable musicians to feel and hear what they play internally even when the only  other monitoring is in-ear monitoring. It delivers stage shaking excitement that conventional audio methods just cannot deliver. The standard KT Platform consists of the platform itself and a choice of three engines, the BC2, BC2rm and the Gigster. The KT Concert platform is double the size of the standard one and is fitted with a TT6 1000w super transducer which can be driven by any amp between 400w and 1,200w at 4 Ohms. A growing list of bass players including Amos Heller (Taylor Swift), Bill Banwell (Rag’n’Bone Man), Brendon Grieve (Sam Smith), Dave Swift (Jools Holland) and more are discovering the many benefits of the KT Platform.

Musician and producer, Nick Loporchio purchased his TT6 Equipped KT Concert Platform in 2021. His high energy performances with the band Iya Terra help keep the dance floor grooving. He said: ‘we played at Cali Vibes, in Long Beach, CA……. It was our first real festival back since the pandemic, and all of the other bass players were drooling about this thing! Again I can’t say enough great things about it and you all!”. The band’s 2021 album, Ease & Grace, reached #11 in the Billboard Reggae album chart and will feature in their seven week tour starting in March 2022.

Bassist Nick Loporchio On Tour With Porter & Davies KT Platform

The highly portable KT Platform is quick and easy to set up, perfect for all playing situations. It gives a full, accurate transfer of sound and the weight of that sound, through bone conduction without time lag. All notes are faithfully transmitted including harmonics and dynamics. The KT Platform is available exclusively through the Porter & Davies online shop

To find out more about Porter & Davies, the company’s KT Platform and other hand-assembled products please go to https://www.porteranddavies.co.uk/.

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