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Artesia Pro's EFNOTE 7 electronic drum set scores "Sweet Adventure"

Artesia Pro’s EFNOTE 7 electronic drum set scores “Sweet Adventure”

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Artesia Pro‘s EFNOTE 7 electronic drum set scores “Sweet Adventure”, an award-winning surf film by Peter Hamblin

Scored by Artesia Pro’s EFNOTE drum expert, Michael Bedard, “Sweet Adventure” wins both “Best Soundtrack” and “Picture of the Year” at London’s Surf Film Festival 2021

December 20, 2021, Los Angeles, CA, USA – Artesia Pro is proud to announce that the new  EFNOTE 7 electronic drum set was used to score the exciting, multi-award-winning surf film by Peter Hamblin, called “Sweet Adventure“. Winning both “Best Soundtrack” and “Picture of the Year” at London’s Surf Film Festival 2021Artesia Pro’s EFNOTE 7 musically tells the story of the opening scene’s narration of yesteryear, then crescendos into thumping waves and drums that reminds viewers to experience life, adventure and friendship. In this incredible partnership of surf and sound waves, Hamblin’s Sweet Adventure debuts the future of the Surf Film genre, as the EFNOTE line of music products introduces the future of e-drums for musicians, composers and drummers.

“As the world begins to open up once again, this must-see travelogue stirs the wanderlust, reignites the stoke and reminds us all of just what we’ve been missing – those good times shared with old friends in new places.” – London Surf Film Festival. Combining jaw dropping surfing, stunning cinematography, and heart thumping music, Sweet Adventure opens with a throwback scene set in the Silent Movie Theatre on Fairfax BLVD, CA – starring longtime TV personality, Entertainment Tonight and X-Games host/musician – Selema Masekela.

Scored by Michael Bedard, Artesia Pro & EFNOTE’s Drum Expert, who also appears playing the EFNOTE 7 drum kit in the opening scene at Hamblin’s request, Sweet Adventure is a playful homage to iconic surf celluloids like The Endless Summer one moment, and jolts swiftly to action-packed scenes in the spirit of Guy Richie’s thrillers.

The EFNOTE 7 is DREAMS MADE REAL – giving drummers a whole new experience and exhilaration with the overwhelmingly realistic touch of full-scale shells/cymbals, and the brilliant sound remastered to match them perfectly.

Artesia Pro's EFNOTE 7 electronic drum set scores "Sweet Adventure"


In 2018, a group of skilled engineers who had developed and innovated the electronic drum category for the last 20 years decided to pursue a different path. A fluid approach to developing electronic drums was needed, after feeling the limits of working for a leading Japanese musical instrument manufacturer. A place where they could throw the constraints of cost and mass production out the window. For more info, please visit: https://artesia-pro.com/categories/ef-note/

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