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Vintage add ‘Silverburst’ colour finishes to its popular ReIssued Series of electric guitars and basses

Vintage add ‘Silverburst’ colour finishes to its popular ReIssued Series

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Vintage add ‘Silverburst’ colour finishes to its popular ReIssued Series of electric guitars and basses

Due to worldwide overwhelming response and demand of the limited runs of both the 1st and 2nd editions of the Vintage 25th Anniversary Series of solid bodied electric guitars and basses, 4 of these beautiful instruments are now available as standard, within the ReIssued Series with Silverburst finishes.

Built on a solid foundation of classic Vintage® designs, uniting all the innovative appointments within playability and tone that have made these guitars Vintage classics in their own right, all 4 Silverburst finished models are once again based on the highly successful V6, V75, V100 electric guitars and the V4 bass guitar from the Vintage ReIssued Series.

Vintage V6SVR in Silverburst finish

Looking stunning, with a striking two-tone Silverburst finish and contrasting aesthetics, the V6SVR, features an American alder body and a one-piece hard rock maple neck and fingerboard with GraphTech nut, while a trio of Wilkinson WOVaS pickups in the neck, middle and bridge positions, deliver a full range of traditional single coil tones in abundance, whilst Grover machineheads offer maximum tuning stability

Vintage V75SVR in Silverburst finish

An American alder body, maple neck and a rosewood fingerboard, is the classic tonewood combination that’s made the solid bodied V75 one of the most popular models within the Vintage ReIssued Series.

Innovative appointments for the new V75SVR, include the remarkable Wilkinson WTB bridge, where the three brass saddles with chamfer points allow the player to accurately intonate each string, thus eliminating age-old intonation problems often found in three saddle, fixed bridge designs.

Needless to say, with a pair of matched Wilkinson alnico pickups, the V75SVR effortlessly delivers all the low-end response and glassy chime associated with this classic guitar design.

Vintage V100SVR in Silverburst finish

Beneath this gorgeous Silverburst finish the V100SVR features a one-piece mahogany neck, bound rosewood fingerboard and balanced carved solid mahogany body, while a graceful descending bass side shoulder and an ingeniously-designed offset heel, provides improved access to the upper reaches of the fretboard.

For traditional tones combined with contemporary power, a pair of Wilkinson WOHHB Double Coil pickups at the neck and bridge positions, provide exceptional versatility. Grover® machine heads provide simple, effective action for maximum tuning stability along with a GraphTech nut, while the Wilkinson Tune-O-Matic enables fine-tuning of each string for superb intonation all over the fretboard.

Vintage V4SVR in Silverburst finish

Based on the Vintage V4 which itself has a reputation as an excellent 4 string workhorse bass guitar, within semi-professional and professional bass players around the world, the Vintage V4SVR also shares this superb high gloss Silverburst finish.

Features include an alder poplar body, hard maple neck and fingerboard, Wilkinson four-saddle, compensated brass saddle bridge for increased sustain and improved string intonation and a precision cut GraphTech Nubone nut.

A Wilkinson BP (M) WBP single coil split pickup provides clarity and definition, whilst alnico V magnets, chosen especially for their preservation of the sub frequencies, enhance the tight, natural piano-like tone, with a fine balance of high, mid and low frequencies with a full hum-cancelling performance.

Vintage ReIssued Series – Silverburst

V6SVR £459 rrp
V75SVR £449 rrp
V100SVR £519 rrp
V4SVR £439 rrp

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