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SNARK release H.Z. clip on tuner

SNARK release H.Z. clip on tuner

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SNARK H.Z. clip on tuner – tune to Hertz frequencies for astonishing accuracy

Already the go-to brand for millions of musicians worldwide, those clever boffins at SNARK have introduced the new SNARK H.Z. Clip on Tuner (RRP £19.99) for electric, acoustic and bass guitars – possibly the most accurate clip-on tuner on the planet!

Often a conventional tuner, will display ‘in tune’ when in fact you are really just ‘close’ or ‘in the neighbourhood’. The width of what they consider accurate means every time you tune, you have a slightly different tuning. The SNARK H.Z. allows you to get to 1/10th of a Hertz…which means the SNARK H.Z. is more than 10 times more accurate than most other tuners, as you are able to exactly hit the target frequency!

The tuning is not only highly accurate but also verifiable. Until now, you may have thought you were in tune because your tuner said you were, but since the goal of tuning is to match the target frequency unless you know what frequency you just played, you will never know for sure that you are in tune. The A string should be 110.0 Hz to be truly in tune, and only SNARK H.Z. gives you that.

The tuning is repeatable. Let’s say you are recording, even home recording. If you do 5 takes, you now can have the same tuning every time!

Until now, musicians have been limited to tuning in ‘half steps’ or semitones – D, D# or E for example. But with H.Z. you can ‘customise’ your tuning! For example, you can say, “I want my G string to be .3 Hz sharp, my B string to be .1 Hz flat”. Artists like James Taylor have used hi-tech gear to achieve their own tunings, but it was expensive and not easy. Now every musician can achieve their own unique sound by creating customised tunings.

Taking two years to develop, the new software and chip in the SNARK H.Z. is super fast (many tuners need to look at 16 or more samples before deciding the note being played – the SNARK H.Z. only needs to look at 8) and it’s also more compact and discreet with a stronger, near unbreakable clamp. If you overstress the joint, the ball pops out of socket, you simply pop it back in.

Finally, the new display is bright, sharp and can be read from any angle.

The Snark H.Z. is available now at all good music stores.

For more information please visit www.snarktuners.com

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