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Helix effect models

Line 6 Helix Effect Models

This list contains all effect models that helix will contain when it is shipped. The right column shows the real pedal they are based on.

Distortion Models

ModelSubcategoryBased on
MinotaurMono, StereoKlon® Centaur
Compulsive DriveMono, StereoFulltone® OCD
Valve DriverMono, StereoChandler Tube Driver
Top Secret ODMono, StereoDOD® OD-250
Scream 808Mono, StereoIbanez® TS808 Tube Screamer®
Hedgehog D9Mono, StereoMAXON® SD9 Sonic Distortion
Vermin DistMono, StereoPro Co RAT
Arbitrator FuzzMono, StereoArbiter® Fuzz Face®
Triangle FuzzMono, StereoElectro-Harmonix® Big Muff Pi®
Industrial FuzzMono, StereoZ.Vex Fuzz Factory
Tycoctavia FuzzMono, StereoTycobrahe® Octavia
MegaphoneMono, StereoMegaphone
Added with firmware 1.06
Teemah!Mono, StereoPaul Cochrane Timmy® Overdrive
KWBMono, StereoBenadrian Kowloon Walled Bunny Distortion
BitcrusherMono, StereoLine 6 Original
Added with firmware 2.0
Wringer FuzzMono, StereoGarbage’s special BOSS® FZ-2
Added with firmware 2.10
Stupor ODMono, StereoBOSS® SD-1 Overdrive
Added with firmware 2.20
Obsidian 7000Mono, StereoDarkglass Electronics® Microtubes B7K Ultra bass preamp/overdrive/EQ
Clawthorn DriveMono, StereoWounded Paw Battering Ram bass overdrive
Added with firmware 2.30
Kinky BoostMono, StereoXotic® EP Booster
Thrifter FuzzMono, StereoLine 6 Original
Added with firmware 2.60
Deranged MasterMono, StereoDallas Rangemaster Treble Booster
Deez One VintageMono, StereoBOSS© DS-1 distortion pedal (classic Made-in-Japan version)
Deez One ModMono, StereoBOSS© DS-1 distortion pedal (Keeley mod version)
Added with firmware 2.80
Dhyana DriveMono, StereoHermida Zendrive
Heir ApparentMono, StereoAnalogman Prince of Tone (basically half a King of Tone)
Tone SovereignMono, StereoAnalogman King of Tone V4 (basically two Prince of Tones in one)
ZeroAmp Bass DIMono, StereoTech 21® SansAmp Bass Driver DI V1
Ampeg ScramblerMono, StereoAmpeg® Scrambler Bass Overdrive

Dynamic Models

ModelSubcategoryBased on
Deluxe CompMono, StereoLine 6 Original
Red SqueezeMono, StereoMXR® Dyna Comp
LA Studio CompMono, StereoTeletronix® LA-2A®
Noise GateMono, StereoLine 6 Original
Hard GateMono, StereoLine 6 Original
Added with firmware 2.20
3-Band CompMono, StereoLine 6 Original multiband compressor
AutoswellMono, StereoLine 6 Original
Added with firmware 2.30
Kinky CompMono, StereoXotic® SP Compressor

Eq Models

ModelSubcategoryBased on
Simple EQMono, StereoLine 6 Original
Low Cut/High CutMono, StereoLine 6 Original
ParametricMono, StereoLine 6 Original
10-Band GraphicMono, StereoMXR® 10-Band Graphic EQ
Added with firmware 2.0
Cali Q GraphicMono, StereoMESA/Boogie® Mk IV’s 5-band EQ
Added with firmware 2.80
Low/High ShelfMono, StereoLine 6 Original
TiltMono, StereoLine 6 Original. Tilt is a subtle 6dB EQ that boosts high frequencies while simultaneously attenuating low frequencies (or vice versa). Great for quickly making tones a bit brighter or darker. The Center Freq parameter sets the frequency around which the boost and cut pivot

Modulation Models

ModelSubcategoryBased on
Optical TremMono, StereoFender® optical tremolo circuit
60s Bias TremMono, StereoVox® AC-15 Tremolo
Script Mod PhaseMono, StereoMXR® Phase 90
Ubiquitous VibeMono, StereoShin-ei Uni-Vibe®
Gray FlangerMono, StereoMXR® 117 Flanger
Harmonic FlangerMono, StereoA/DA Flanger
Courtesan FlangeMono, StereoElectro-Harmonix® Deluxe EM
ChorusMono, StereoLine 6 Original
70s ChorusMono, StereoBOSS® CE-1
Trinity ChorusStereoDyTronics Tri-Stereo Chorus
Bubble VibratoMono, StereoBOSS® VB-2 Vibrato
Vibe RotaryStereoFender® Vibratone
122 RotaryStereoLeslie® 122
145 RotaryStereoLeslie® 145
AM Ring ModMono, StereoLine 6 Original
Pitch Ring ModStereoLine 6 Original
Added with firmware 1.06
Dynamix FlangerMono, StereoLine 6 Original
Deluxe PhaserMono, StereoLine 6 Original
TremoloMonoBOSS® PN-2
Tremolo/AutopanStereoBOSS® PN-2
Added with firmware 2.0
Harmonic TremoloMono, StereoLine 6 Original
Added with firmware 2.20
PlastiChorusMono, Stereomodded Arion SCH-Z chorus
Added with firmware 2.30
Bleat Chop TremMono, StereoLightfoot Labs© Goatkeeper
Double TakeMono, StereoLine 6 Original doubler

Delay Models

ModelSubcategoryBased on
Simple DelayMono, StereoLine 6 Original
Mod Chorus EchoMono, StereoLine 6 Original
Multitap 4StereoLine 6 Original
Multitap 6StereoLine 6 Original
Ping PongStereoLine 6 Original
Sweep EchoMono, StereoLine 6 Original
Ducked DelayMono, StereoTC Electronic® 2290
Transistor TapeMono, StereoMaestro® Echoplex EP-3
Harmony DelayStereoLine 6 Original
Bucket BrigadeMono, StereoBOSS® DM-2
Adriatic DelayMono, StereoBOSS® DM-2 w/ Adrian Mod
Added with firmware 1.04.1
Dual DelayStereoNew Line 6 Original stereo delay with separate time, feedback, and mix per channel. Includes high and low cut filters and Chorus or Vibrato modulation
Reverse DelayMono, StereoNew Line 6 Original; whatever you play in comes back at you backwards (up to four seconds mono, two seconds stereo)
Elephant ManMono, StereoElectro-Harmonix® Deluxe Memory Man
Added with firmware 2.0
Vintage DigitalMono, StereoLine 6 Original
Added with firmware 2.10
Pitch EchoMono, StereoLine 6 Original
Added with firmware 2.20
Vintage SwellMono, StereoLine 6 Original
Adriatic SwellMono, StereoLine 6 Original
Added with firmware 2.30
Cosmos EchoMono, StereoRoland® RE-201 Space Echo
Added with firmware 2.50 (New HX Effects)
Multi PassMono, StereoLine 6 Original bandpass-filtered multitap delay

Reverb Models

ModelSubcategoryBased on
PlateStereoLine6 Original
RoomStereoLine6 Original
ChamberStereoLine6 Original
HallStereoLine6 Original
EchoStereoLine6 Original
TileStereoLine6 Original
CaveStereoLine6 Original
DuckingStereoLine6 Original
OctoStereoLine6 Original
63 SpringStereoLine6 Original
SpringStereoLine6 Original
Particle VerbStereoLine6 Original
Added with firmware 2.50 (New HX Effects)
GlitzMono, StereoLine 6 Original
GanymedeMono, StereoLine 6 Original
SearchlightsMono, StereoLine 6 Original
PlateauxMono, StereoLine 6 Original
Double TankMono, StereoLine 6 Original

Pitch / Synth Models

ModelSubcategoryBased on
Pitch WhamMono, StereoDigiTech Whammy®
Twin HarmonyMono, StereoEventide® H3000
3 OSC SynthStereoLine 6 Original
Added with firmware 1.06
Simple PitchMono, StereoLine 6 Original
Dual PitchMono, StereoLine 6 Original
Added with firmware 2.20
3 Note GeneratorMono, StereoLine 6 Original
4 OSC GeneratorMono, StereoLine 6 Original

Filter Models

ModelSubcategoryBased on
Mutant FilterMono, StereoMusitronics® Mu-Tron®
III Mystery FilterMono, StereoKorg® A3
Added with firmware 1.06
AutofilterMono, StereoLine 6 Original
Added with firmware 2.80
Asheville PattrnMono, StereoMoog® Moogerfooger® MF-105M MIDI MuRF Filter (with both MuRF and Bass MuRF voicings)

Volume / Pan Models

ModelSubcategoryBased on
Volume PedalMono, StereoLine 6 Original
GainMono, StereoLine 6 Original
PanStereoLine 6 Original
Added with firmware 2.30
Stereo WidthStereoLine 6 Original utility to collapse stereo paths

Wah Models

ModelSubcategoryBased on
UK Wah 846Mono, StereoVox® V846
Teardrop 310Mono, StereoDunlop® Cry Baby® Fasel model 310
FasselMono, StereoDunlop® Cry Baby® Super
WeeperMono, StereoArbiter® Cry Baby®
ChromeMono, StereoVox® V847
Chrome CustomMono, StereoModded Vox® V847
ThroatyMono, StereoRMC Real McCoy 1
Vetta WahMono, StereoLine 6 Original
ColorfulMono, StereoColorsound® Wah-fuzz
ConductorMono, StereoMaestro® Boomerang

Looper Models

ModelSubcategoryBased on
Added with firmware 2.60
Switch LooperMono, StereoLine 6 original (doesn’t leave Stomp mode)

Legacy Effects (with firmware 2.50)

Helix Floor, Rack/Control, and LT now include a library of effects from M13, M9, M5, DL4, DM4, FM4, and MM4. These appear in a new “Legacy” subcategory in the model list.

DistortionTube DriveA sweet, singing sustain craved by guitarists worldwide. Inspired by* the tone of a Chandler Tube Driver®.
DistortionScreamerInspired by the smooth medium-gain tones of the collectable original, Screamer is based on* an Ibanez® Tube Screamer®.
DistortionOverdriveInspired by* a DOD® Overdrive/Preamp 250, which was designed to slam the input of a tube amp forcing it to distort violently.
DistortionClassic DistAngry and aggressive, Classic Distortion is inspired by* a ProCo Rat.
DistortionHeavy DistThe industry-standard heavy metal distortion of the late ’80s. Inspired by* a Boss® Metal Zone.
DistortionColordriveColordrive will transport you back to the breeding ground of British guitar heroes. Inspired by* a Colorsound® Overdriver.
DistortionBuzz SawTake a deep breath and repeat: “I can’t get no (duh, duh, duh) Satisfaction.” Inspired by* a Maestro® Fuzz Tone.
DistortionFacial FuzzBottom-heavy distortion inspired by* the Arbiter Fuzz Face, which is associated with the tones of Jimi Hendrix and Eric Johnson.
DistortionJumbo FuzzJumbo Fuzz delivers a bright bite reminiscent of the fuzz tones heard all over the first two Led Zeppelin records. Inspired by* a Vox® Tone Bender.
DistortionFuzz PiFuzz Pi delivers plenty of thick distortion and oceans of sustain inspired by* the tone of an Electro-Harmonix® Big Muff Pi®.
DistortionJet FuzzPart fuzz/part phaser, Jet Fuzz delivers the best of both. Inspired by* the Roland® Jet Phaser.
DistortionLine 6 DriveIf we could go back to the 60s and be a part of the fuzz revolution, this is what we’d design. Inspired by* the Colorsound® Tone Bender.
DistortionLine 6 DistortionCompletely saturated and over the top, Line 6 Distortion is massive and totally crazy.
DistortionSub Oct FuzzBiting fuzz with an octave below! Excellent for bass guitar. Inspired by* the PAiA Roctave Divider.
DistortionOctave FuzzWhite-hot fuzz with an octave above! This classic fuzz+octave effect was used by Jimi and other pioneering players. Inspired by* the Tycobrahe® Octavia.
DynamicsTube CompTube-style compression with added low-end warmth inspired by* the characteristic color of the Teletronix® LA-2A® compressor, a studio standard.
DynamicsRed CompRed Comp evens out your volume and adds plenty of sustain. Ideal for slow leads. Inspired by* the MXR® Dyna Comp stompbox compressor.
DynamicsBlue CompInspired by* the Boss® CS-1 Compression Sustainer (with the treble switch off), Blue Comp delivers warm, percussive qualities that are great for cleaner tones.
DynamicsBlue Comp TrebInspired by* the Boss® CS-1 Compression Sustainer with the treble switch on.
DynamicsVetta CompTaken from Line 6’s guitar amplifier – Vetta II. With a fixed ratio of 2.35:1, adjustable threshold and up to 12dB of gain available at the Level knob.
DynamicsVetta JuiceA colorful boost taken from Line 6’s Vetta™ II guitar amplifier, Vetta Juice pours out up to 30dB of available gain at the Level knob.
DynamicsBoost CompA punchy boost of gain inspired by* an MXR® Micro Amp. The compressor can add hang time to your sustain and fill out your leads.
ModulationPattern TremoloEngage up to four tremolo patterns to play in sequence. This is a truly original textural effect inspired by* a Lightfoot Labs Goatkeeper.
ModulationPannerThis effect pans back and forth between your left and right channels. If you run it in mono, it’s basically tremolo.
ModulationBias TremoloBias Trem is inspired by* the 1960 Vox® AC-15 Tremolo, which got its pulse by literally varying the bias of the power amp tubes.
ModulationOpto TremoloOpto Trem is inspired by* the optical tremolo circuit that was used in the blackface Fender® amps like the ’64 Deluxe Reverb®.
ModulationScript PhaseJust add the “brown” sound and you’re emulating one of rock’s most celebrated guitar tones! Inspired by* an MXR® Phase 90. Speed control only, just like the original.
ModulationPanned PhaserA hypnotizing phaser that slithers from side to side. Inspired by* the sound of an Ibanez® Flying Pan, which is a four-stage phase shifter with a panner built in.
ModulationBarberpoleA classic effect from the world of modular synths. Depending on how you set it, this phaser either sounds like it’s always going up or always down. Set to stereo you get both!
ModulationDual PhaserDual Phaser delivers a big jet sound inspired by* a Mu-Tron® Bi-Phase.
ModulationU-VibeInspired by* the pulsing push of the now-legendary Uni-Vibe®. One listen to “Machine Gun” and you’ll be hooked!
ModulationPhaserPhaser is inspired by* the sound of an MXR® Phase 90 but it’s got a few extra parameters to bring you there and back again.
ModulationPitch VibratoInspired by* the Boss® VB-2, which contained a circuit that produced a bubbly vibrato. This pedal (and this model) feature a “rise time” control that when engaged speeds up to where you last set it.
ModulationDimensionInspired by* the Roland® Dimension D, one of the first true-stereo chorus units. It’s relatively subtle in nature and became an industry standard for double-track effects.
ModulationAnalog ChorusInspired by* the big and warm tones of a Boss® CE-1 Chorus Ensemble, the original stompbox chorus.
ModulationTri ChorusTri Chorus is inspired by* the larger-than-life sound of a Song Bird/DyTronics Tri-Stereo Chorus.
ModulationAnalog FlangerInspired by* the classic MXR® Flanger, which was made classic on Van Halen’s Fair Warning and Women and Children First.
ModulationJet FlangerCompared to Analog Flange, Jet Flanger is more dramatic with a different wave shape. Inspired by* the signature jet-like sweep of an A/DA Flanger.
ModulationAC FlangerThe variety of vibey effects available from AC Flanger are inspired by* the classic tones of the MXR® Flanger
Modulation80A FlangerThe gritty and spacey sweeps of 80A Flanger are inspired by* the distinctive sound of the A/DA Flanger.
ModulationFrequency ShiftShift frequencies up or down and set the mix to 100% for an otherworldly tone. Or dial it back to add interesting colors to leads.
ModulationRing ModulatorPerfect for those late-night jams when only the weirdest, wildest sounds will do.
ModulationRotary DrumInspired by* the Fender® Vibratone. This rotating speaker effect was popular with SRV. Think “Cold Shot.”
ModulationRotary Drm/HornInspired by* a Leslie® 145 tube-driven cabinet with a rotating speaker. Guitarists have always loved its signature shimmer.
DelayPing PongTwo separate channels of delay. The output of each channel bounces into the other to create the ping pong effect.
DelayDynamicDynamic Delay features a ducking control to keep the delays from overwhelming what you’re playing. Inspired by* a T.C. Electronic® 2290 Dynamic Digital Delay.
DelayStereoThe secret to the “Big L.A. Solo” sound of the ’80s! Set one side as a fast echo with many repeats, and the other side as a slow delay with few repeats. Voilà, you’re famous!
DelayDigitalA great workhorse effect, this straight-up digital delay has a transparent and pristine echo-echo-echo-echo…
DelayDig w/ ModDigital Delay w/ Mod adds a juicy chorus effect to your digital delay.
DelayReverse!seltaeB eht dna xirdneH imiJ ekil tsuJ – Whatever you play comes out backwards.
DelayLo ResInspired by the unique grunge and noise of early digital delay units. Many of which had only 8-bit resolution.
DelayTube EchoLike peanut butter and chocolate, tubes and tape are a great combination. Tube Echo is inspired by* a Maestro® EP-1.
DelayTape EchoTape Echo is inspired by* the unmistakable depth and sweetness of the Maestro® EP-3 Echoplex, which used transistor sound electronics instead of tubes.
DelaySweep EchoAdd a sweeping warble to the Tube Echo repeats and you’ve got Sweep Echo. This unique tone adds a tangy flavor to your delays.
DelayEcho PlatterInspired by* a Binson EchoRec, which inspired bands like Pink Floyd. Rather than using tape, the EchoRec used a magnetic platter to record and play back.
DelayAnalog EchoAnalog Echo is inspired by* the warm and distorted delays of a Boss® DM2 Analog Echo.
DelayAnalog w/ ModInspired by* the cherished tone of an Electro-Harmonix® Deluxe Memory Man, Analog w/ Mod delivers an organic-sounding analog delay with a generous dollop of lush, spatial chorus.
DelayAuto-Volume EchoTwo effects in one! A volume fade-in swell and an echo complete with tape-style wow-and-flutter modulation.
DelayMulti-HeadMulti-Head delay is inspired by* the sound created by the multiple playback heads of the Roland® RE-101 Space Echo.
Pitch/SynthBass OctaverThis effect gives you a single clean note one octave down. Bassists love it but guitarists (including Jeff Beck) are known to bust it out, too. Inspired by* the tone of an EBS OctaBass.
Pitch/SynthSmart HarmonyTurn that 6-string into a 12-string, rip some ’80s dual leads and so much more. This intelligent pitch shifter is inspired by* an Eventide® H3000.
Pitch/SynthOcti SynthNot to be missed, Octisynth provides textures that are equally at home in a mad scientist’s laboratory or miles below sea level among its eight-armed namesake.
Pitch/SynthSynth O MaticSynth-O-Matic features waveforms from a mouth-watering collection of vintage analog synths.
Pitch/SynthAttack SynthInspired by* a waveform and wave-shaping functions of a Korg® X911 Guitar Synth
Pitch/SynthSynth StringA monophonic synth sound inspired by* the Roland® GR700 Guitar Synth.
Pitch/SynthGrowlerNamed Growler for a reason, this model produces a sinister “Grrrrrrrrr” that’s inspired by* a Roland® GR700 Guitar Synth and a Mu-Tron® III.
FilterVoice BoxLet your guitar Come Alive with the sound of a classic talk box. Inspired by vocoders, vocal tracts and surgical tubing.
FilterV TronYour guitar “speaks” with an almost human voice in response to your playing. Inspired by* Voice Box and a Mu-Tron® III.
FilterQ FilterYour very own parked wah! Let your solos soar with the colorful “honk” that became a signature tone of Mark Knopfler and Brian May.
FilterSeekerUp to nine “parked” wah filters set at varying positions and then used in sequence to create a pulsating, hypnotic vibe. Inspired by* the Z-Vex Seek Wah.
FilterObi WahObi Wah creates sequential changes in tone by emphasizing random frequencies. Inspired by* the Oberheim® Voltage Controlled sample-and-hold filter.
FilterTron UpPart Auto Wah and part triggered filter, Tron Up delivers a seriously funky vibe. Inspired by* the Mu-Tron® III envelope follower.
FilterTron DownPart Auto Wah and part triggered filter, Tron Down delivers a seriously funky vibe. Inspired by* the Mu-Tron® III envelope follower.
FilterThrobberPerfect for a multitude of cool electronica-style sounds and textures, Throbber is inspired by* the Electrix® Filter Factory.
FilterSlow FilterThis triggered filter rolls off your high-end with adjustable speeds.
FilterSpin CycleThis is what headphone mixes were made for! Imagine two wahs panned left and right working in opposite directions from each other. Inspired by* Craig Anderton’s Wah/Anti-Wah.
FilterComet TrailsSpooky and otherworldly, Comet Trails provides an enchanting pulse for you to add to your tone.

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