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Guitar Pro 8 is the new version of Guitar Pro software

Guitar Pro 8 is the new version of Guitar Pro software

Guitar Pro 8 - Buy now

Guitar Pro is the best N#1 tab editing software

This new version is including new features like audio track, allowing you to add an audio track to your score, to get a full audio song to help you for transcription, or add a simple voice track to make your score more real. This feature includes a time stretching, tempo, tone and many other adjustments tools to allow you to perfectly synchronize your audio track to you score.

This version also includes a ton of new features for score editing, like nested tuplets, a new command palette, design mode improvement, new transpose tools, focus mode, and many other small feature improvements.

The audio parts as a new pedalboard, improved sound banks and new drum mix features.

Guitar Pro also includes many interface and workflow improvements listed below.

The details

Audio track

You can now add an audio track to a Guitar Pro file. This can, for example, help with transcription, allow you to add a vocal track, or even a complete playback to accompany yourself. You can find this option in the “rack” > “Show Audio Track” menu.

Guitar Pro Audio track

Nested tuplets

You will find this option in the left panel next to the standard tuplets.

Nested tuplets

Pedal board

You can find it by scrolling down the sound of a track in the inspector and clicking on “Show pedalboard”.

Pedal board

Command palette

This is a tool for writing what you want to edit from the command line. It can greatly improve your editing speed.

You can find it via the “Tools” > “Show command palette” menu or with the shortcut “ctrl “+”e”.

Command palette

Scale diagram

You can find this tool in the “Note” > “Scale…” menu.

Scale diagram

Design mode improvement

In the design mode you can now move beats and align bars on move.
To access the design mode, click on the button to the right of the voices in the palette.

Design mode improvement

Drum mix (volume / pan)

By clicking on the icon of the selected drum set bank, a popup will allow you to adjust the volume/pan of each element of the set.

Focus / UnFocus Current Track

You can choose to boost or attenuate the current track by using the knob below the mute / solo buttons.

Audio note settings

It is now possible to apply a custom offset, duration or velocity to a note.
You can find this option via the “Note” > “Audio Note Settings” menu or “Shift” + “F” shortcut.

Audio note settings

Locked sound on the line in

By clicking on the lock in the Line In window, you can lock the current sound, to keep it even if you change track or file.

Locked sound on the line in

And also:

Chords transposition and diatonic transposition

Via the “Tools” > “Transpose” menu you can now transpose chords, and apply a diatonic transposition.

Fixed tempo

In the relative tempo drop-down menu you will find options to force the tempo to a chosen bpm throughout the song.

Piano fingerings

On a piano track, the proposed fingerings will be automatically adapted for the piano.

Piano pedal indications

You will find it in “Effects” > “Sustain pedal” menu.

Copy and paste improvement

An option to paste chord and scale diagrams by default on simple paste is available in the Interface Preferences

Track and master automations are now separated in the special paste dialog

Tempo below 30 bpm

You can now select a tempo below 30 bpm.

Filters on the home page for mySongBook scores

Volume rebalancing of the samples of the sound banks

Visual Metronome and Countdown

Pin files in recent files

Quarter tone on the tremolo bar

PNG and PDF export improvement

Sound preview on hover during playback

Slash in standard notation and drum parts

Courtesy accidental


Double click on instrument in the track wizard to create a new track

Selection modification directly on the score

Keyboard shortcuts (+/-) to change relative tempo during playback

Taking into account the relative tempo on audio export

Decimal tempo

Triple click to select all the score

5 strings guitar tunings


  • Operating System: Windows 8, macOS 10.13
  • Architecture: 64-bit, Intel & M1
  • HardDisk Space: 2GB
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Display: 1280×768
  • Processor: 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster processor

Download Guitar Pro 8 here: https://www.guitar-pro.com/

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