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Danelectro introduce the ‘Ultra-Cool’ 6 string Longhorn Baritone guitar

Danelectro introduce the ‘Ultra-Cool’ 6 string Longhorn Baritone guitar

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Little did Nathan Daniel know when he started to produce electric guitars in the early 1950’s, just how many bona fide rock gods would owe their career move to Danelectro® guitars.

It was indeed, during the mid 1950’s that the legendary guitar company also launched the world’s first electric baritone guitar, nestled in the lower register between standard guitar and bass guitar.

Danelectro® baritone models have become famous and respected by musicians worldwide for their looks, playability and incredible versatility, and now available in the classic Longhorn body style, one of the company’s most visually distinctive designs first introduced in 1958.

Needless to say, the sonic versatility of this stunning 6 string baritone offered in two exciting colors, Copper Burst or Silver Burst and loaded with a pair of legendary high output, high impedance Lipstick® pickups, is enormous, keeping the baritone’s low frequencies tight and uncluttered, whilst delivering that unmistakable deep, twangy, clicky bass audio heard on countless recordings from surf to heavy metal.

Chords and solo runs played at a lower pitch have a tight low-end and unique tone that only Danelectro® baritones deliver, for a warmer mellow output, rolling off the tone on the double stacked Volume/Tone controls, releases a warm sweet response that’ll also please the most hardened jazz player.

The new Longhorn Baritone retains all the charm, the art-deco looks and the unmistakable vibe of a Danelectro® guitar, one of the few guitar brands that can truly be described as legendary, retro, cool, hip and trendy.

Original and updated features include a semi-hollow body, bolt-on maple neck with dual action truss rod, 24-fret double octave dot inlaid rosewood fingerboard and, that classic ‘coke bottle’ 3-aside headstock providing straight string alignment though the aluminum nut to the fully adjustable six saddle bridge, ensuring perfect intonation and stable tuning.

From first position chords to soaring solo harmonic runs, Danelectro® baritones for years, have been a complete inspiration for songwriters, live stage performers and ‘always in reach’ for studio session players who recognize their enormous sonic versatility.

Join the ‘Twang Gang’, with the new ‘Ultra-Cool’ Danelectro® Longhorn Baritone 6 string guitars.                                                                                                          

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