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Analysis Plus Cables Announces New Music/Pro Audio Dealer Opportunities

Analysis Plus Cables Announces New Music/Pro Audio Dealer Opportunities

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High-end audio cable line available to select new retail dealers

FLUSHING, MI – June 25, 2024 – (GUITARpr) – Analysis Plus, the 30-year-old manufacturer of some of the finest, high-end audio cables for musicians and pro audio, has announced new dealer opportunities for select retailers in the USA and internationally.

The company is famously known for its unique, proprietary Hollow Oval design technology that has catapulted its audio cables to the top of the list for so many great musicians and techs around the world. From guitar and bass, to ukulele and violin, and from pedalboards to keyboards and beyond, Analysis Plus cables simply sound and perform better.

For new dealers who qualify, Analysis Plus provides not only competitive margins, but masterful customer service that you would expect from a company that has been successfully delivering high-end quality for three decades.

In addition to offering a wide range of USA-made products, all available in multiple standard configurations, the company can offer custom variations for its dealers with minimum order quantities on most of its cables. This can be extremely helpful to dealers with special interests.

According to company owner and president, Shari Markel, “For most of the last 30 years, our dealer relationships have been the primary engine that powers this great company. We look forward to creating more of those win/win opportunities.”

Interested retail dealers are encouraged to fill out a simple application to get started at: https://analysis.plus/new-dealer-application/

For additional questions, utilize the detailed contact page that provides the option to send an email or call them directly on the phone at: https://analysis.plus/contact/

About Analysis Plus, Inc

Founded in 1993 as a scientific research and design company, Analysis Plus, Inc is now focused primarily on two markets: Music and Pro Audio, and high-end Home Audio.

In the Music and Pro Audio markets, Analysis Plus is known for its high-end cables and connectors preferred by musicians, producers and technicians around the world who demand the very best. Its diverse artist roster includes the likes of John Mayer, Marty Friedman, Jimmy Haslip, Jake Shimabukuro, Russ Hewitt and so many more.

In the high-end Home Audio market, Analysis Plus designs and manufactures products for serious audio enthusiasts who require the highest quality audiophile components. More information is available at: https://analysis.plus.

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