Line 6 Helix Effect Models

Effect models that helix will be shipped with
Helix effect models

This list contains all effect models that helix will contain when it is shipped. The right column shows the real pedal they are based on.

Distortion Models

ModelSubcategoryBased on
MinotaurMono, StereoKlon® Centaur
Compulsive DriveMono, StereoFulltone® OCD
Valve DriverMono, StereoChandler Tube Driver
Top Secret ODMono, StereoDOD® OD-250
Scream 808Mono, StereoIbanez® TS808 Tube Screamer®
Hedgehog D9Mono, StereoMAXON® SD9 Sonic Distortion
Vermin DistMono, StereoPro Co RAT
Arbitrator FuzzMono, StereoArbiter® Fuzz Face®
Triangle FuzzMono, StereoElectro-Harmonix® Big Muff Pi®
Industrial FuzzMono, StereoZ.Vex Fuzz Factory
Tycoctavia FuzzMono, StereoTycobrahe® Octavia
MegaphoneMono, StereoMegaphone
Added with firmware 1.06
Teemah!Mono, StereoPaul Cochrane Timmy® Overdrive
KWBMono, StereoBenadrian Kowloon Walled Bunny Distortion
BitcrusherMono, StereoLine 6 Original
Added with firmware 2.0
Wringer FuzzMono, StereoGarbage’s special BOSS® FZ-2
Added with firmware 2.10
Stupor ODMono, StereoBOSS® SD-1 Overdrive
Added with firmware 2.20
Obsidian 7000Mono, StereoDarkglass Electronics® Microtubes B7K Ultra bass preamp/overdrive/EQ
Clawthorn DriveMono, StereoWounded Paw Battering Ram bass overdrive
Added with firmware 2.30
Kinky BoostMono, StereoXotic® EP Booster
Thrifter FuzzMono, StereoLine 6 Original

Dynamic Models

ModelSubcategoryBased on
Deluxe CompMono, StereoLine 6 Original
Red SqueezeMono, StereoMXR® Dyna Comp
LA Studio CompMono, StereoTeletronix® LA-2A®
Noise GateMono, StereoLine 6 Original
Hard GateMono, StereoLine 6 Original
Added with firmware 2.20
3-Band CompMono, StereoLine 6 Original multiband compressor
AutoswellMono, StereoLine 6 Original
Added with firmware 2.30
Kinky CompMono, StereoXotic® SP Compressor

Eq Models

ModelSubcategoryBased on
Simple EQMono, StereoLine 6 Original
Low Cut/High CutMono, StereoLine 6 Original
ParametricMono, StereoLine 6 Original
10-Band GraphicMono, StereoMXR® 10-Band Graphic EQ
Added with firmware 2.0
Cali Q GraphicMono, StereoMESA/Boogie® Mk IV’s 5-band EQ

Modulation Models

ModelSubcategoryBased on
Optical TremMono, StereoFender® optical tremolo circuit
60s Bias TremMono, StereoVox® AC-15 Tremolo
Script Mod PhaseMono, StereoMXR® Phase 90
Ubiquitous VibeMono, StereoShin-ei Uni-Vibe®
Gray FlangerMono, StereoMXR® 117 Flanger
Harmonic FlangerMono, StereoA/DA Flanger
Courtesan FlangeMono, StereoElectro-Harmonix® Deluxe EM
ChorusMono, StereoLine 6 Original
70s ChorusMono, StereoBOSS® CE-1
Trinity ChorusStereoDyTronics Tri-Stereo Chorus
Bubble VibratoMono, StereoBOSS® VB-2 Vibrato
Vibe RotaryStereoFender® Vibratone
122 RotaryStereoLeslie® 122
145 RotaryStereoLeslie® 145
AM Ring ModMono, StereoLine 6 Original
Pitch Ring ModStereoLine 6 Original
Added with firmware 1.06
Dynamix FlangerMono, Stereo Line 6 Original
Deluxe PhaserMono, Stereo Line 6 Original
TremoloMonoBOSS® PN-2
Tremolo/AutopanStereoBOSS® PN-2
Added with firmware 2.0
Harmonic TremoloMono, StereoLine 6 Original
Added with firmware 2.20
PlastiChorusMono, Stereomodded Arion SCH-Z chorus
Added with firmware 2.30
Bleat Chop TremMono, StereoLightfoot Labs© Goatkeeper
Double TakeMono, StereoLine 6 Original doubler

Delay Models

ModelSubcategoryBased on
Simple DelayMono, StereoLine 6 Original
Mod Chorus EchoMono, StereoLine 6 Original
Multitap 4StereoLine 6 Original
Multitap 6StereoLine 6 Original
Ping PongStereoLine 6 Original
Sweep EchoMono, StereoLine 6 Original
Ducked DelayMono, StereoTC Electronic® 2290
Transistor TapeMono, StereoMaestro® Echoplex EP-3
Harmony DelayStereoLine 6 Original
Bucket BrigadeMono, StereoBOSS® DM-2
Adriatic DelayMono, StereoBOSS® DM-2 w/ Adrian Mod
Elephant ManMono, StereoElectro-Harmonix® Deluxe Memory Man
Added with firmware 2.0
Vintage DigitalMono, StereoLine 6 Original
Added with firmware 2.10
Pitch EchoMono, StereoLine 6 Original
Added with firmware 2.20
Vintage SwellMono, StereoLine 6 Original
Adriatic SwellMono, StereoLine 6 Original
Added with firmware 2.30
Cosmos EchoMono, StereoRoland® RE-201 Space Echo

Reverb Models

ModelSubcategoryBased on
PlateStereoLine6 Original
RoomStereoLine6 Original
ChamberStereoLine6 Original
HallStereoLine6 Original
EchoStereoLine6 Original
TileStereoLine6 Original
CaveStereoLine6 Original
DuckingStereoLine6 Original
OctoStereoLine6 Original
63 SpringStereoLine6 Original
SpringStereoLine6 Original
Particle VerbStereoLine6 Original

Pitch / Synth Models

ModelSubcategoryBased on
Pitch WhamMono, StereoDigiTech Whammy®
Twin HarmonyMono, StereoEventide® H3000
3 OSC SynthStereoLine 6 Original
Added with firmware 1.06
Simple PitchMono, Stereo Line 6 Original
Dual PitchMono, Stereo Line 6 Original
Added with firmware 2.20
3 Note GeneratorMono, StereoLine 6 Original
4 OSC GeneratorMono, StereoLine 6 Original

Filter Models

ModelSubcategoryBased on
Mutant FilterMono, StereoMusitronics® Mu-Tron®
III Mystery FilterMono, StereoKorg® A3
Added with firmware 1.06
AutofilterMono, Stereo Line 6 Original

Volume / Pan Models

ModelSubcategoryBased on
Volume PedalMono, StereoLine 6 Original
GainMono, StereoLine 6 Original
PanStereoLine 6 Original
Added with firmware 2.30
 Stereo Width Stereo Line 6 Original utility to collapse stereo paths

Wah Models

ModelSubcategoryBased on
UK Wah 846Mono, StereoVox® V846
Teardrop 310Mono, StereoDunlop® Cry Baby® Fasel model 310
FasselMono, StereoDunlop® Cry Baby® Super
WeeperMono, StereoArbiter® Cry Baby®
ChromeMono, StereoVox® V847
Chrome CustomMono, StereoModded Vox® V847
ThroatyMono, StereoRMC Real McCoy 1
Vetta WahMono, StereoLine 6 Original
ColorfulMono, StereoColorsound® Wah-fuzz
ConductorMono, StereoMaestro® Boomerang

Helix Amp Models

Helix Cabinet Models

Helix Microphone Models

  1. avatar image
    Jonathan at 25. February 2016 Reply

    Why so many delays and wahs? I would like to see more overdrives!

    There should be a smaller and affordable version of Helix. It would sell like icecream in the Sahara!

    I found a video with interesting info about amplification and gear. It’s helping me a lot:

    1. avatar image at 25. February 2016 Reply

      Thanks for you comment Johnathan,
      Line 6 adds more effect and amp models along the way. With firmware v1.06.0 they have just added a new amp and new effects, including some distortion (the Teemah is awesome).

      I’ve added them to the list.

  2. avatar image
    Josh at 4. October 2017 Reply

    Nice list sorted by firmware versions. Thanks for the effort in compiling and sharing this information!

    1. avatar image at 4. October 2017 Reply

      Thanks for your comment Josh – I’m glad you like it.

  3. avatar image
    Vic at 25. November 2017 Reply

    Wow! Great info. Do you have it in PDF or another format for printing?

    1. avatar image at 26. November 2017 Reply

      Thank you for your nice comment!
      I’m sorry but I don’t have this in PDF Format but sounds like a good Idea 🙂

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