Pigtronix Philosopher's Tone Germanium Gold Micro Read Article

Pigtronix goes for Gold with Micro, Germanium version of popular Philosopher’s Tone Compressor

The Pigtronix Philosopher's Tone series is back. The latest pedal in the US company's original custom shop compressor/sustainer/distortion effect series is now available in micro form, as the Philosopher's Tone Germanium Gold Micro. This ultimate version of the award-winning and top-selling pedal range, the Philosopher's Tone Germanium Gold Micro takes the original PT optical sustain engine and allows you to mix in a layer of germanium-enhanced distortion. The unique diode arrangement found in the pedal delivers a smooth top end and rich midrange response, tailored to match the characteristics of the optical sustainer driving it. The clean side of the Philosopher's Tone's retains its classic design and character; simply dial in the BLEND and VOLUME knobs to set the signal, then dial
Lunastone Introduces Boost 18 – A Clean but Flavorful Booster Read Article

Lunastone Introduces Boost 18

A Clean but Flavorful Booster (Copenhagen, Denmark,1 June 2018) The Danish guitar pedal company that has established itself as an expert in analog ‘true’ overdrive pedals now gives its previous boost pedal, The Pusher, a significant upgrade. The Pusher has been very successful for the company, yet one wish from guitarists has been to not only being able to push their tone to the edge of the cliff, but beyond and off the cliff. With this valuable feedback from the field, Lunastone set out to meet this demand. The new Boost 18 that shares the same small footprint and flavorful tone of its predecessor. The Pusher offered 15 dB of clean boost, and as the name suggests Boost 18 adds another three clicks to the table with its 18 dB of clean boost. Boost 18 will deliver even more